Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mission 34: Rust to the Core

Rust to the Core
Veteran Will Furno
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find Jawblade, a villain who has recently escaped from Hero Factory Prison, and bring him back to justice.
Furno's Log:

I dived into the massive ocean bellow, hoping to find Jawblade somewhere in it. It wasn't an easy task. We knew that he had escaped to Scylla, his home planet, and we had narrowed it down to this sector of the ocean. Due to the mass amounts of villains that had escaped. Heroes had to break protocol and go in alone to catch them all before to much damage is caused.
I had been given the mission to capture Jawblade which didn't sit to well with me. Underwater wasn't my strong point but Zib assured me I'd do fine. I got outfitted with underwater gear and then went off to dive into the ocean.
Now I'm here in the depths of Scylla's ocean, searching for a villain who is in his own element. I the  found a ship wreak and thought it best to check it out. I looked around and saw lots of small canisters. I took a closer look at one to see what they where containing. Oxidium, a rusting agent.
"Zib!" I said through the communicator. "I think I've found where Jawblade is hiding. He's collecting Oxidium."
"Copy that Furno, stay in contact." He replied. "And be careful. If that Oxidium gets released then Jawblade will be the least of our problem."
"Got it." I replied. I then put the Oxidium canister down an questioned my next move. Oxidium was also highly explosive. If I could fire one single shot the whole ship wreak would be blown out of the water.
"Furno." A voice said from behind.
"Jawblade." I replied. He swam slowly above me, waiting for me to make the first move.
"So what's a hero like you doing in a place like this." He  mocked. "I thought your flame would have been put out by now."
"When duty calls. I've got no choice to follow." I said as I aimed my weapon.
I then fired but he dodged and dived towards me. I was pushed against a wall and I had to push him back to avoid a fate at his teeth. His roars echoed across the sea bed. I pushed him away and fired again.
That was when I realised my mistake. The shot hit one of the canisters and the whole ship wreak began to explode. I swam out as far as I could and the shock wave carried me across the ocean. I gained control of myself and swam back to find Jawblade.I was then ambushed by a raged shark.
"You destroyed my base! My Oxidium!" He roared. "Now it's my turn to destroy something of yours!"
"Not likely!" I said as I pushed him away. He charged again but this time I was ready. I pulled out my Hero-Cuffs and caught with them.
"NO!!!" He roared as he sank to the sea bed. I then picked him up and headed to the surface.
"Zib." I said through the communicator. "I've got a shark here who's just dying for a prison cell."
"Copy that Furno." He replied. "We've got one here that's waiting for him."
I reached the surface and hoisted him up to the ship. But there were still other villains out there ready to be caught. And there are always heroes ready to catch them.

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