Friday, 20 January 2012

Mission 33: Deception (3 of 3)

Veterans Daniel Rocka, Will Furno, Nathan Evo and Preston Stormer
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Re-capture all the villains who have escaped Hero Factory Prison and put them back behind bars where they belong before they get off world.
Rocka's Log

It was a nightmare. Most of the villains had already escaped through the black hole of unknown origin and a lot of heroes had been sent to the medi-bots. One of them was Surge which still didn't make it any better. Being team mates we'd gained a respect for each other. He may be older and more experienced but he looks at me as an equal.
I then tried to contact Zib but their was no reply.
"Evo!" I shouted over the sounds of enemy fire. "Zib won't reply! What should we do!"
"Communication's are fine." Evo reported. "I can't understand what's wrong."
"Something must be going on up there." I thought aloud. "I'm going to go to the mission control room and see what's up."
"Good luck." Evo said.
"Thanks." I replied as I headed for lift. Some was telling me that this breakout wasn't the worst of our problems.

When I got to mission control the place was a wreak. Screens had been smashed and control pads were lying all over the place. I then saw Zib lying on the flour. I ran towards him to check that he was all right.
"Zib!" I said. "Zib what happened."
"Rocka..." Zib finally said. "You need to get out of here... get backup."
"Why." I asked. "Who did this."
"It was..." Zib gasped. "It was Black Phantom."
The name hit me hard. Before I could think the sound of hundreds of tiny footsteps were all around me. It was the sound of many Arachnix Drones, the robotic insects loyal to Black Phantom, the most dangerous of all villains. It was a trap that I had walked right into.
"I'm afraid your friends can't help you now." Black Phantom said from behind. I turned to see the hulking figure stomp towards me. "No-one can."
"You'd be surprised." I muttered.
"So you are Rocka." He said. "The one who defeated Witch Doctor and saved the dying planet. I've heard quite a bit about you in the detention facility. To bad your story has to end so soon."
"If this is the end then you should know I'll go down with a fight." I said as I readied my weapon.
"Indeed." He said softly and the his voice suddenly turned. With a roar he ordered his drones. "KILL HIM!!!"
I began shooting them but there were too many and I was over whelmed. I fell to the floor with the Arachnix on top ready for the kill.
"I'd love to stay!" Black Phantom said from somewhere beyond the drones. "But I've got a assembly tower to destroy!"
With that he left. I got ready for one last try and pushed all the drones off me. I got up but they came again. I began shooting then realised that I needed higher ground. I jumped up and propelled myself off one of the monitors onto one of the platforms. The drones started climbing up after me but I had the advantage and was able to shoot them all down. I then knew that I had to stop Black Phantom. I may be one loan hero but I've saved an entire planet from destruction before this shouldn't be too hard. All I need was better weaponry.

I went to the armoury and it was sitting right were I expected it. The Plasma Bow was just waiting to be taken and I wasn't going to keep it waiting any longer. I then noticed an Energy Shield and decided to bring it too. It was just a safety measure really. I'd seen Breez use one like it before and it seemed to work for her. I just had to hope it would work for me too. Now I was ready to take on Black Phantom.

"Now then!" Black Phantom roared just as I arrived. "Let the destruction begin."
"Not going to happen." I said.
"You!" He said after looking up at me with his heartless eyes. "I though I left you for scrap."
"And I thought you were behind bars. I guess this day has a lot of surprises."
"So..." He said. "Do you plan to take all of us on alone."
"Us?" I said confused. But then I looked down. Millions of Arachnix Drones roamed the walls of the tower bellow. It was way more than I had ever seen. As Black Phantom's laughter echoed the tower I began shooting at the the drones. I was way out numbered and way in over my head. One of the Drone had knocked me off my platform and I fell. I managed to grasp one of the assembly arms and balanced my self on top of it.
Just as I thought it was over the door right at the bottom of the tower opened and Furno and Evo walked out. All the drone suddenly headed for them and they fought back. I was going to get down and help them but Furno shouted up to me: "We got this! Go for Black Phantom!"
"With pleasure!" I replied and started to jump from assembly arm to assembly arm back up to him. He swung his mace at me but I was ready. I grabbed it and thought to use it against him but the discovered that it was way to heavy and dropped it right to the bottom. It landed on top of one of the drones giving a satisfying crunch.
I then turned my attention back to Black Phantom who still had one last trick up his sleeve. His sabre-strikers went right for me but I jumped away and onto another arm. I managed to shoot one of the arms above and it fell towards Black Phantom.
Instead of hitting him though, he grabbed it in mid fall and threw it right at me. I used my energy shield and blocked his attack. I lost my balance but managed to regain it. The impact wasn't good but it was better than it would have been I hadn't took the shield from the armoury.
I then jumped behind Black Phantom and grabbed some of the energy cables and began plugin them into his back. I was going to power him up so much that he would defuse. I kept plugin them in with him laughing in front.
"What are you doing?" He laughed. "Recharging me in hopes of earning my mercy?"
He then got bored of this and tried to shake me off with his sabre-strikers but I was done here. I jumped away and shouted down to Furno.
"Hit it!" I shouted and he did as I said. I turned on the power to the tower from the controls bellow and all the voltage went straight through Black Phantom. He screamed in agony until the pain finally stopped and steam was left pouring out of him. He was to weak to do any thing so I took the opportunity and cuffed him. The mission was complete at last.

The awards ceremony came quick. Stormer had arrived back from the mission an warded me with a medal of valour.
"Good job Rocka." He said with a tone of respect in his voice. Something I don't get often.
Zib then came to me after the awards ceremony. I looked at him and realised what I'd done wrong. "I know." I said. "I know. I shouldn't took it."
"Indeed you should not of done." He relied. "But given the circumstances and you saving my life as well as the whole Hero Factory. I'm going to let you keep it." He paused and then continued. "And the energy shield."
"Thanks Zib but I sitll feel that we failed." I said with a hint of shame in my voice. "A lot of the villains escaped and we still don't know how."
"It appears Black Phantom had the power to create black holes and we never knew about it." Zib replied.
"But why wait to use it until now?" I asked.
"I don't know." Zib admitted. "But I do know that its been disabled and hopefully a situation like this will never happen again."
"Agreed." I replied. "Now all that's left to do is hunt the escapes down and bring 'em back here. After all, the missions never over. We'll be keeping the galaxy safe forever."

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