Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mission 32: Breakout (2 of 3)

Veterans Will Furno, Mark Surge, Daniel Rocka, Natalie Breez and Nathan Evo
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Re-capture all the villains who have escaped Hero Factory prison and put them back behind bars where they belong before they can get off world.
Surge's Log:

This was one of the biggest things I'd seen in my entire life as a hero. A breakout was somethings heroes would have nightmares about and yet here one was. A load of villains busting out of their cells and attacking us heroes with no mercy. I was already in the thick of the action when Furno, Rocka and Evo showed up.
"You asked him for the Plasma Bow!" Furno shouted at Rocka.
"We'll... you know... under the circumstances I thought he would make an exception." Rocka replied innocently.
"Can we focus on the breakout please!" Evo said, cutting off their argument.
"Guys!'" I shouted. "Over here!"
They came towards me and we got behind some containment barrels that I'd been using as cover.
"It's good to see you Surge." Furno said while shooting at some of the villains. "But where's Breez?"
"Don't know." I replied. "I haven't seen her since we got separated by Xplode."
"Then let's stop hiding and show the enemy who's boss!" Rocka said confidently.
"I'm with you on that." I replied.
We ran out into the fray and I went straight for Thunder. We'd had our share of battles in the past when Von Nebula was at large and I couldn't stand the thought of letting all my hard work to get him in these cell's go to waste.
"You!!!" Thunder roared.
"So you recognise me." I joked. "I'm touched."
"After all those upgrades you're still the same hero I know and hate!" He replied in a cold tone.
I had had enough talking. I took a shot at him and he became off balance. I charged at him but he used his crusher claw to push me away. I then hit him with my electric blade and a load of volts pulsed through him. He tried to shoot me but I was to quick. I kicked him and he fell back into one of the cells behind him. I pushed the button and the laser bars went up.
"Consider yourself locked up." I said. "Again."
"NO!!!" He roared but I didn't care.
One villain down. About another thousand to go.

It seemed like it had been going on for ages. Some villains had already got off the planet through a Black Hole. I'm not to sure about the origins of it but I beat one off these villains had something to do with it. There were only a few villains who had the power to create black holes but their powers should have been damped here. It all wasn't adding up.
Xplode had fired his missiles at me and I was sent flying. I managed to get up regardless of the pain in my joints.
"I've waited along time to at last have a hero dead at my feet." He taunted.
"To bad your going to have to stay waiting!" I replied as I took a shot at him. He dodged it and charged at me. I was hit by his blade and I went down he stood over me ready to deliver the final blow when suddenly he colapsed with a pair of Hero-Cuffs on his arms. Behind him stood Breez and I had never been happier to see her.
"Just like old times huh?" Breez said with a smile.
"Pretty much." I replied as I tried to get up but failed.
"Your injured." She said as she helped me up.
"I'm fine." I lied.
"Don't give me that." She said. "Let me help you back to Zib. You need a medi-bot."
I was about to argue but decided against it. I contacted Zib instead. "Zib, I'm coming up." I said. "I'm going to need a medi-bot."
"Not you too." He said. "How's the situation down there?"
I looked at the Villain Storage Area. It was now nothing more than a battlefeild... and we were losing. "Bad." I said at last. "Very bad..."

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