Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mission 1: First Contact

First Contact
Veterans William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Natalie Breez and Duncan Bulk
Head to Argo IV and discover why the entire planet has gone radio silent.
Furno's Log:

It was a pretty vague mission brief, we had no idea what we were facing or if we were even facing anyone for that matter. All I knew was that we were four of the best heroes Hero Factory can offer and if we can complete this mission then no one can. This time I was upgraded into the XL armor and looked quite good in it if I do say so myself. We each had new visors which can scan the terrain, improve combat and many other things too.
We finally landed on Argo IV and took our first steps onto the misty world. Their wasn't a lot of civilization on the planet. Most of it was based on extreme terrain in which many dangerous beasts live. They're are usually not looking for a fight but just very territorial. We had landed in one of the few cities and the strange thing was, it was silent. Nothing could be heard at all but the sounds of wild animals in the distance. 
"Stay tight team." I said. "We still don't know what's out their and I don't want to put us all at risk by splitting up."
They all nodded and we kept walking in silence.
"This place gives me the creeps." Bulk said to finally breaking the silence.
"Where is everyone." Rocka said while looking around.
"It looks like they all just dropped out of existence." Breez commented. "Look at all the belongings that are just lying about on the streets."
"Maybe we can find some answers up there." I said while pointing at the communications tower.
"Why their?" Rocka asked. "The planet's radio silent and no alerts were received."
"I know but It's possible the communications were jammed and even though no transmissions were received they still could have been sent." I replied.
"And they would have been stored on a database." Breez added.
"Good thinking, Furno." Bulk complemented.
"Thanks Bulk." I said. "Now let's go."
No sooner had I said that we heard heavy foot steps on the road in front of us. With my visor I could make out one, no two, no four figures through the mist, each varying in shape and size.
"Maybe that's what happened to the citizens." Rocka suggested with fear in his voice.
"No, their not citizens. They're animals." Breez said in the same tone as Rocka.
"Heroes! Stand your ground! Don't let fear get to you or you've already lost." I ordered, I was feeling more and more like Stormer everyday.
"You will not escape this planet alive!" They all said at once.
"We'll see about that." I replied.
They all charged at us and I prepared for their first strikes. Their were four of us and four of them so we took on one each. I was facing the one that my scan told me was called a Pyrox, a bull-like creature that lived in volcanic regions.
I blocked his first attack with my shield and the vibration knocked him off balance. I was then able to hit him with my sword and he was pushed back.
The brain on his back squirmed in agony and that's when it hit me. No not the Pyrox, but the fact that the Pyrox, and all the other creatures we're facing, aren't supposed to have these brains on them. It's a must be a parasite controlling them and making them do this.
I charged again this time I got behind the beast, grabbed the parasites tail and pulled it right off. The Pyrox clasped and lay on the flour, the parasite squirmed in my hand and I stood there victorious.
"Guys, pull the brains off the creatures!" I shouted to the rest of the team. "It's the only way!"

Rocka has all the details of what happens next in his log...

Monday, 24 December 2012

Brain Attack

A new trailer has been released for the Brain Attack sets has been released and although I haven't post on this blog since April I am still collecting Hero Factory and my new years resolution is to revive this blog. Anyway, these sets are growing on me and the first time I saw them I was not very happy with them, the heroes at least. Anyway, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mission 40: Velocity

Veteran Preston Stormer
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find Speeda Demon, a villain who recently escaped from Hero Factory prison, and bring him back to Justice.
Stormer's Log:

After the initial shock of the Breakout all heroes had been sent out to capture the escaped villains.  Furno had taken down Jawblade, Breez had taken down Thornraxx and Evo had taken down Toxic Reapa. Those were just some of many victories but there were still villains out there like XT4, Splitface and Core Hunter who had been lucky to avoid capture by heroes.
Right now I was tracking down Speeda Demon who I was determined to not let get away. I had landed on Kollix 4 and was wasting no time in tracking him.
"Zib." I said into my communicator. "I'm picking up a contact nearby and it's moving fast. I assume it's Speeda Demon."
"He must be heading for the Navigation Beacon at the planet's North Pole." Zib replied. "You have to stop him. If he destroys it then Space Crafts nearby will be vulnerable to attack."
"And he can loot them all." I finished. "Speeda Demon's smart, I'll give him that."
I then went off to face down the fiend. I may not have a bike but my XL armour has special pistons in the legs allowing me to run fast than most other heroes. Ever since I received the upgrade to XL I had felt more powerful and stronger. I felt sorry for Rocka though. He couldn't keep the XL armour despite my protests. He had performed valiantly on Quatros and was worthy of it. However, Zib still wouldn't have it. Since Furno became a veteran I've changed a bit. I'm more softer on the rookies now and have gotten over my past with Von Ness.
I then ran into Speeda Demon and hit him with the flat of my blade. He fell off his bike and looked me dead in the eye.
"I was wondering when a hero would showed up." He said. "But I didn't think that I was worthy enough to gain the attention of Preston Stormer."
"You can stop right there Speeda Demon." I said. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."
"You've already lost." He laughed. "I've taken down the defences and placed bombs all around the Navigation Beacon. All I have to do is press this button and the whole tower gets blown sky high."
"That's not going to happen." I said as I shot at him. The blast knocked him back and he dropped the detonator. He made an attempt to grab it but I knocked him aside and crushed it under my foot.
"NO!!!" He roared. "What have you done?"
"It's over Speeda Demon!" I said.
"I still have one explosive left." He replied while placing it on the ground and detonating it automatically. I was knock back by the explosion and faintly heard him driving away.
"Zib." I said into the communicator. "Speeda Demon got away but other than that it's mission complete."
I know I'll see Speeda Demon again and when I do I'll make him pay and bring him back to justice for his crimes.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hero Factory: Breakout Episode Review

Sorry that it's been so long since an update. I was going to abandon this blog and start a new one and I did start a new one but then saw it was a bit pointless. So I'm back on this blog and kind of took a break during March. But now onto the main topic of this post which is the episode review of Breakout which is an episode I loved. It was split into two episodes like Savage Planet was but I like this one better. I didn't completely understand why they changed Evo's character so much and even though I like this version better but it is just a bit confusing about why they did it. Anyway, the episode did have a big cliff hanger at the end and a lot more is revealed Rocka but I won't go into that and spoil it for you. Black Phantom was an okay  villain but I have to say I liked Voltix the best. His character was good and what I liked is that each villain had their own plans of destruction and weren't just rampaging around the galaxy creating pointless destruction. Voltix was creating a super weapon; Splitface was destroying a communications centres; Toxic Reapa was trying to build an army; Jawblade was collecting Oxidium to rust any hero in his way and Speeda Demon was going to crash ships into Kollix 4 and then loot them. Meanwhile Black Phantom was trying to destroy the Hero Factory. I'll give the episode rating of 10/10 but the change in Evo's character still bugs me. Please comment and follow,

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mission 39: Built to Last

Built to Last
Veteran Duncan Bulk
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find Core Hunter, a villain who recently escaped from Hero Factory prison, and bring him back to Justice.
Bulk's Log:

I was warned to be extremely careful on this mission. Core Hunter was a villain who knew nothing about the concept of "Mercy." He lived to rip out cores from every Hero. He was the only villain, other than Black Phantom, to remain in the Factory after the Breakout. This was in aims of collecting all the Hero cores possible. However, he eventually got away and left us with no trace of where he was going.
Now it was my job to track him down. I found him easily enough and readied my weapons. I'm not the type of hero who gives the villain a chance. I just hit them hard a fast. I launched two rockets and he was helpless to avoid them. I went down to greet him but when I got down there he was nowhere to be found.
"Do you think you could capture me that easily Hero?" His voice echoed but I couldn't see him. "You are sorely mistaken."
A blast then knocked me off my feet. "Core Hunter!" I called while getting up. If you wish to fight me then come out of the shadows." Seconds past without a reply. "I won't ask twice."
Another shot came from behind but I dodged it.
"Here I am." He said. "Just as you asked."
I charged at him and attempted to cuff the villain but he hit me aside. I shot at him but he dodged it and shot back. I was knocked to the floor by the explosion and he stood over me.
He prepared to remove my core while saying: "I'm afraid that this will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me."
I grabbed his legs and twisted it. He let out a whelp of pain and punched him right in the face. He shot at me and I was knocked back.
He began to limp towards me but the pain seemed to be too much for him to bare.
"Oops." I said with a giggle. "Looks like I broke it."
"You'll be sorry you did!" He replied with rage in his voice. He shot the flour beneath me and I fell down. By the time I got back up he was gone.
"Coward." I muttered to myself as I walked back to my ship. Something told me that wasn't the last I had seen of him.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mission 38: Born in Fire

Born in Fire
Veteran Will Furno
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find XT4, a villain who recently escaped from Hero Factory prison, and bring him back to justice.
Furno's Log:

The breakout had gone so fast that heroes had to face villains one-on-one to keep the galaxy safe. I'd already recaptured Jawblade and was now tasked with tracking down XT4. But for me it was out of the water and into the flames.
Mechna was XT4's home planet and a far cry from the tropical oceans I was in not so long ago. The planet itself was searing with heat and few could remain on this world long and XT4 was one of them. Those who live on this planet are specially built for the conditions and fortunately, so am I.
Many of those who witnessed my construction said that I was "Born of Fire", hence the name Furno.
I spotted XT4 in the distance and I readied my weapon. "Hey there." I shouted. "It's rude to run off without saying goodbye. Why don't you come calmly back to the Hero Factory with me now before anyone gets hurt."
The villain laughed. "Does anyone actually ever agree to do that?"
"I guess someone's going to get hurt." I said. "And that someone's going to be you."
XT4 opened fire on me but I dodged his laser beam. "Are you sure about that? It seems to me that your the one who's going to be hurt."
I shot at him and the explosion knocked him back. "Forget hurt!" He exploded. "Your going to dead!"
I shot at him again but he was ready this time. He dodged the blast and swung his saw at me. My armour was damaged but I was still in one piece. XT4 then drove his two blades into my shoulders and lifted me up until we were face-to-face. I was in overwhelming agony but I was not going to give up just yet.
"I'm going to dismantle you piece-by-piece." He ranted. "Circuit-by-circuit. When I'm finished, no-one will be able to recognise you."
I placed my plasma gun to his chest and he realised to late. I pulled the trigger and he flew back. I tried to follow it up with another shot but fell to the ground, the pain was to much for me and I knew I was going to end up on the scrapheap if I didn't think of something fast.
I looked around as the villain got up. I saw a Container filled with spare parts directly above my advisory. I shot at it and it fell on top of XT4. I waited 1, 2, 3 minutes and XT4 didn't get up. However, when I lifted the container up XT4 was under there.
I limped back towards my hero craft knowing that I had failed the mission and was lucky to escape from this one alive. Dividing the heroes was a bad idea and I know that now. United we are stand but divided we fall.

Monday, 27 February 2012

2012 Villain Review: Jawblade

My brother got Jawblade when I got Black Phantom and now I'm here to review him. I'm afraid that there's no opinion from him this time. I have decided to remove the my brothers opinions from the review however if you would like the leave a comment bellow saying that you want it back then I will do so if it is wanted by enough people. But now onto the review...

The build is unique in that it is not humanoid and I have never built a Hero Factory set like it. The head was interesting to build but being a set of its size there isn't too much to it. I'll give it a 9/10

There didn't seem to be a lot of new pieces in this set. The only one is the head which is great. The fin works well and the textures are awesome. A recoloured piece is the original Furno's weapons from 2010. This time the flame on the end is in a solid red colour which is cool and fits Jawblade's colour scheme. There are a few other recolours too so this set is still good for those who buil MoCs. I'll give the new pieces a 6/10

The design is great and like the build it's very unique. The red and silver go well but the main part of the design is the shape of him. It is great how they modelled him after a shark but still gave him extra parts as well. The fin on the end was a great use of older pieces and the fact that the mouth can open and close is just a great touch. The design gets a 9/10

The playability was decent. The mouth feature was great and I think it is more fun for younger ones to play with than some other sets. The playability gets an 8/10

The overall model is great. Jawblade is defiantly an interesting set and I would recommend him. The colours flow well and I just have to give him a 9/10

I hope you liked my review of Jawblade and I also hope you'll comment bellow and follow the blog if you enjoy what I've posted here. Until the next time,