Thursday, 19 January 2012

2011 Hero Review: Rocka XL

My brother got Rocka XL for Christmas and he is a fairly awesome character that has his own pros and cons. I'll get onto that in the review...

The build was different but had a familiar feel to the one of Fire Lords. The legs are virtually the same with some extras but is still basically the same. I'll give it a 9/10

The new pieces are great but available in other smaller sets. The head is the same as Rocka. He had the same Hero Badge that his smaller version had but this set comes with two instead so it still has 3.0 written on it and I would have preferred it to say XL but I don't mind it that much. I will give the new pieces a 8/10

The design is very cool and probably the best part. It is an improvement over Fire Lords which he is similar to in the build aspect of the set. His main colour of gold is a bit evened up by the gun metal silver. I don't like that too much as their were a lot gun metal on the smaller Rocka. One thing I really don't like is that a lot of pieces are often falling off and the articulation is sometimes limited by all the spikes that are coming off his back and shoulders. I'll give the design of Rocka XL a 9/10

The playability is all right but you need Witch Doctor to complete the battle. I have him by the way and will review him next but back to the playability which I'll give a 6/10

The overall rating for Rocka XL is not going to be as higher one as Scorpio as I feel that set was unique and this is just not. I do like it but the lack of gold is just a bit annoying and the spikes do get in the way. It is, however, a definite improvement of Fire Lord and I do really suggest you  get this set to compliment Witch Doctor if you have him because he really needs to pic on somebody his own size and Rocka would be that person. I do like this set but it does have more cons than I would like so I'll give it an overall rating of 9/10

That was my review of Rocka XL and I do still have Witch Doctor to come along with more of the new mission about the Breakout but first, because this is his set, here's my brothers opinion...

I like the armour on him and I also find the build cool. However I dislike the spikes on the back that I have no idea what they do. I'll agree with my brother on this and give him a 9/10

That was my brothers opinion on Rocka and I've got some good new about reviews to come. Witch Doctor is next followed by... Black Phantom. I have ordered him and am expecting him soon along with Jawblade for my brother so expect review of them soon and that's all from me so please comment and follow,

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