Friday, 13 January 2012

2011 Villain Review: Scorpio

It's been a while since a post so today I'm going to be reviewing Scorpio which my brother got for Christmas which also means an opinion. I also hope you enjoyed the new 'Mission for the Pro's' story that I posted and there are more on the way but first lets get onto the review...

The build is very unique and fun as well. It has some cool techniques and I don't think you'll find anything like it in any other set. I'll give the build an amazing 10/10

The new pieces are cool but not many are exclusive. The head is the same as Waspix but lime-green instead which may disappoint some. The pincers are new but also seen on Raw-Jaw and Furno. He features a cool spiky lime-green add-on piece which looks cool but can be found in other colours in other sets. There are some boy and skeletal pieces recoloured in red which is cool but still not exclusive. For new pieces its a 8/10

The design is one of the most awesome parts of the set. It defiantly has captured the look of a scorpion. The arms are cool and seem to fill in a missing space. The colour scheme is very consistent with silver thrown in there for the mechanical feel. The green and red work well together especially with black in-between. The great part is that there are no open parts which is usually complained about. It appears that con that we had before has been fixed up in these villain sets. Its going to be a design rating of 10/10

The playability is better with the projectile and more moving legs but still needs more characters for great play. Also, please tell me if you want the playability removed because its starting to get extremely predictable and consistent. However, while its here I'm going to give the set a playability rating of 7/10

Overall, I like this set a lot and it's better than I thought. It defiantly has the feel of a Scorpion. I would really recommend this set. It's an overall rating of 10/10

That was my review of Scorpio and now all that's left are Rocka XL and Witch Doctor. But this posts not over yet as we still have my brothers opinion on the set so lets get onto that...

I like that the build is very unique but I don't like his legs because they are not strong enough to hold him up but it's only a minor con. Overall, I'll give him a 9/10

That was my brothers opinion and look forward to more reviews coming up. Also, please tell me whether you want the playability kept or not as it is pointless in my eyes but I want to hear from you before the final decision is made but for now please comment and follow,

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