Monday, 25 April 2011

Mission 18: Desperate Times

Desperate Times
Veterans Preston Stormer and William Furno with rookies Julius Nex and Nathan Evo
Stop Jetbug from freeing Nitroblast and Drilldozer as they try to make a desperate final offensive on Tanker Station 22.
Evo's Log:
With only Jetbug and his boss left we thought we had a excuse to divide are forces. These were, of course, desperate times for both sides and the Fire Villains were becoming very elusive. Breez and Surge were off on a scouting mission when our base we had established fell under attack by Jetbug. Since we were unable send the capture villains to Hero Factory prison due to issues with the Fire Villains constant attacks on our air support. That meant they had to remain here, and Jetbug was here to free them.
Nitroblast and Drilldozer had been freed and Breez and Surge had not returned from scouting yet. We were fighting with every bit of strength we had because if we didn't we'd be right back to square one again.
"Keep it up, your doing great." Furno said to me. It was mine and Nex's job to take down Nitroblast. His strong armour was making things hard but not impossible. We just had to keep up the fire and we'd eventually get though. Furno had been mine and Nex's training instructor since day one and he had been a great mentor to me. I had learnt that brute forces, as great as it is, can't win every battle. I had taken that on board and it sure had helped me before but I knew this was going to be the ultimate test and the mission that people would look back at in my later life as a veteran like Furno and Stormer. Okay, I may have pushed that a little bit but it could happen one day.
But right now I needed focus on the here and now and Stormer was in trouble. He had made a charge at Drilldozer after his long range attacks failed. The villain then knocked him down hard with one blow of his oversized drill.
"Hey ugly!" I shouted at Drilldozer and he looked at me without saying a word. Apparently, Stormer heard him talk once but after interrogating him a couple of times I find that hard to believe.
Now forget what I said earlier, brute force is the best method for this fight. I charged he tried to hit me with his smaller spike weapon. I was able to pray his strike and we then continued to trade blows.
I looked behind to see that Stormer had got himself back to safety and as aiding Nex in his attack on Nitroblast. Furno was trying to shot down Jetbug but the fire villain was to fast for him.
I then saw my chance and took a lucky shot from more or less point blank range and took him down. I was about to Hero-Cuff him when a wall of fire, created by Nitroblast, separated us.
Both Drilldozer and Nitroblast got away and Jetbug was about to follow when I did something I never knew I had in me. I ran and jumped at the wall, did a mid air somersault and placed a Hero-Charge on Jetbug's back and then landed safely on my own two feet.
"Ha!" Jetbug said in false victory. "You missed."
"Did I?" I said right as the Hero-Charge went off and he fell to the ground as the pulse took out his jetpacks.
"Nice work Evo, all of you." Stormer congratulated half-heartedly. "I just received a message from Breez and she says she found the Fire Lords position, no doubt were Nitroblast and Drilldozer ran off too. If we can get there first we can launch an ambush and end this battle once and for all."
"I hope so." I said to myself. "Because all of Hero Factory is counting on our success, and I'm going to do everything possible to not let them down."


  1. Matanui, where do you get these stories? They're very interesting.

  2. Thanks, I just right them myself using info found on the HeroFactory bios.