Sunday, 17 April 2011

2011 Hero Review: Evo 2.0

Its been a while since I've done a review but me a my brother recently got a new set each and I'm starting off with my brothers set, Evo 2.0,and in the next post I'll move onto mine, Nitroblast. Evo looks really good and I can tell why he's my brothers favourite. As always with a set that belongs to my brother he will be adding in his opinion towards the end but first lets get the main review done...

The build was very good compared to the old hero's from 2010 but with the new ones I say that once you've built one you've built them all, they are quite similar so I'm going 8/10

Now for new pieces, a lot of them have been seen in other sets this year just with different colours but there is a piece I haven't seen before and its a piece of armour in a medium size, smaller than the hero badge but bigger than fairly common small ones. There is also the visor piece which is in a dark-silver and has vents towards the front and give a square jawed tough feel which fits his character in the story behind the sets. He also has rubber like spikes in a silver colour rather than the blue seen on Stormer 2.0 and that's really it for new pieces, my rating is 10/10

Onto the design which has its pros and cons. From the front he looks great and really bulked up but at the back it all hollow which takes it down a mark or two. But the colour scheme is new and looks really good with the yellow which is lighter than Jetbug's and purple which is hardly ever seen in LEGO. Because of those reasons I am going to give the design a 8/10

Playability is the same with all other Hero's in 2011, no shooting mechanism, just the excellent articulation which the 2010 Hero's lacked. I'm giving the playability a 6/10

Overall, he's awesome and if you haven't got him yet then your missing out. The colour scheme comes together really well and character of is shown really well through the pieces that are used. Overall, Evo gets a very high rating of 9/10

Next review is Nitroblast but we've still got my brother opinion so lets get onto that now. I said it before and I will say it again, if you haven't got him then your missing out. Please comment and follow,
Evo 2.0 Opinion
Above is my review of Evo 2.0 and since this is my brothers set its time to get his opinion on it. I gave him a overall rating of 9/10 and now it time to see what he gives him...

A great thing about him is that the weapon uses the shield piece in a different way to Stormer 2.0, Furno 2.0 and Nex 2.0. I also like the purple on him which goes well with the yellow used on him. He is so good that I can't think of anything bad about him so he gets a amazing 10/10

I hope you enjoyed my review and my brother opinion of Evo 2.0 and I hope it helped you decide whether to add him to your collection or not. Please comment and follow,

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