Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New Hero Factory Villains and Rocka XL Pictures!!!

New villain pictures and a picture of Rocka XL have been found on a German toy shop and Brickset have the images up as usual. We are missing a picture of the Witch Doctor though but I'm hoping that it won't be long until its up. Here is an Image of Rocka XL:
He looks great in my opinion and I keep asking myself 'Is it Summer yet?' because LEGO stepping up their game this year. Anyway, click the links to see the pictures of Waspix, Fangz, Raw-Jaw and Scorpio. Please comment and follow,


  1. Raw-jaw or Rocka XL, I can't tell witch ones my favorite.

  2. Mine's probably Raw-Jaw but the others are great. When we see pictures of the Witch Doctor I think he's going to shoot right up to my favourite.

  3. i like every hero exept rocka 3.0