Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hero Recon Team: Matt Freeze

A rookie who was built to join the Hero Recon Team. After his basic training at the HeroFactory, he was hand picked by Andrew Forge to join the Recon Team. He began with a lot of long distance recon or noting down the findings in the wanted list. He eventually got closer and closer to some action and then finally got a long awaited fight when a group of villains attacked a coal mine in search of a highly explosive material. The Recon team were sent in to stop the villains or at least slow them down until backup arrives. Until then, their on their own in a dark mine were explosions, cave ins and notorious villains await them. Is this Freeze's time to shine?


  1. Cool hero! My hero that I created is named Daniel x-ray gunner.

  2. Cool, will you post a picture on your blog?

  3. hi guys is there any more pictures of the rookies thaT ARE LIKE MATT FREEZE??? Just wondering ;)