Wednesday, 20 April 2011

2011 Villain Review: Nitroblast

I got Nitroblast the same time my brother got Evo 2.0 and I am really happy that I got him because he is, in my opinion, the best villain and possibly the best set so far this year. As always I'm starting with...

...the Build. It was fairly similar to Jetbug with the new building system. Unlike the Hero's the builds have more uniqueness on the villains so there's a new one every time. A unusual building style for a set of this size is going double-up on the arm. I give the build a 10/10

Next is the New Pieces and a cool recolour is the body piece in red. There is also the new flame piece which I believe I discussed in the review of Jetbug. The double sided face which has Nitroblast on one side and Jetbug on the other and I will get into the effect of that on the design part. On the back of him there is a piece that was used on Meltdown as one of his toxic waste tanks except this time it seems to be supplying flammable gas or liquid to the flame-thrower. The new pieces are pretty generic over these new sets so I am giving it a total of 9/10

The Design was excellent and is getting a high rating on my part. The head looks great and you may be wondering what I think of Jetbug's face on the back and I don't actually mind it that much. Its because it has a short and small look to it and it blends in with the other red colours on the back that its easy to over look the fact that its there. The double-up arm also adds a lot of bulk to the character and although it makes the articulation a bit more of a challenge I think it makes the character look a whole lot better. The one bad part I would point out is the light-gray piece on the doubled-up arm which stands out in a bad way. I'm just going to bring up the problem of the hollow back as well because that's down side to the new building system but I hope LEGO will soon come up with a solution but for now the Design gets a 9/10

Playability is mainly explained in some other review but the Lava Sphere shooter increases it by one mark so I give it a 7/10

I think that overall this is a great set and deserves a high rating but there are a few flaws, like the hollow back, but that only marks it down one mark bringing about a overall total of 9/10

Thanks for reading this review of Nitroblast and I hope you enjoyed it and the next post will be the long awaited 6th part of Mission 2.0 which will be told from the perspective of Evo. Please comment on what you think of Nitroblast or any other Hero Factory related topic you want to discus and follow this blog if you haven't already if you want to read more Hero Factory reviews when I post them. That was the longest ending ever so time to end it by saying have a nice day,

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