Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mission 15: Rookies

Veteran Will Furno with rookies Julius Nex and Nathan Evo
Defend Tanker Station 22.
Nex's Log:
When me and Evo heard that we were going to help defend Tanker Station 22 we were both exited and a bit nervous, or at least I was. When we landed one of the veterans came to greet us. I wasn't sure what to say but Evo introduced us for me.
"Nathan Evo and Julius Nex reporting for duty sir."
"At-ease. I'm William Furno. I will be your training instructor for the next few days." He spoke with a firm but fair voice like he knew how we felt which was quite likely because he was a rookie not so long ago.
"We still have to train?" I asked, it was a stupid question but I didn't know what else to say.
Furno smiled "Of course. You may be on mission but you still need to be as ready as ever. Now follow me."

We followed Furno to a were house filled with empty oil canisters. Half the roof had been torn off, presumably by one of the fire villains. I looked at the oil canisters again and saw that some of them were placed in strategic places as if they were like targets. Of course, why hadn't he figured it out sooner, it was target practice.
Furno took aim and shot one of the oil canisters with ease.
"Looks easy doesn't it." He said. "Well looks can be deceiving. Evo, your turn. Time to show me what you can do."
"Yes sir." He said while taking aim with his weapon. I've known Evo long enough to be able to tell you that he is a up-close fighter rather than a long distance sniper but he probably could hit 5 or 6 of the oil canisters. He took a shot and narrowly missed his target. Frustrated he took a second shot without thinking this time he missed the target by a long shot. He then calmed down and took a calm and focused shot which hit the target dead on. After a couple more shots Furno gestured for Evo to let me have a go.
I took my first shot and hit the oil canister dead on. With my second shot came another direct hit. I kept blasting until all the canisters were down.
"Nice shooting Nex." Furno congratulated "No misses what so ever."
"He was like that back at the factory." Evo said. "Not once did he miss a shot."
I was about to thank them both when an explosion from above diverted my attention. It was one of the fire villains, Jetbug!
"Sorry to interrupt but I believe you have something that belongs to me." The villain said.
"And what would that be?" Evo asked, actually it was more like an order.
"My fuel!" He screamed as he fell in and opened fire. We narrowly avoided the explosion that could of blown us to pieces.
"You two contact the others for back-up." Furno ordered. "I'll detract Jetbug."
We nodded then went to find cover. Evo started trying to communicate with the other hero's "Come in. Do you reed. We need back up immediately."
"Any luck?" I asked.
"No." Evo replied. "Jetbug must be jamming our communications."
An explosion made me look round and I saw a haunting site. Furno had been knocked unconscious by one of Jetbug blast.
"Stay here and keep trying to call for help." I ordered. "It looks like target practice is about to go up a level."
I took a couple of shots but he was to fast for me. I stayed calm and took my time. Slowly taking aim and then... FIRE!!! I hit Jetbug dead on and he fell to the ground. I went to Hero-Cuff him. The villain got up quickly and took a shot at me but thankfully Evo saved me.
"No sense in hanging around here." Jetbug said and with that he flew off.
I then ran over to Furno to check if he was all right.
"Good job Nex." He said. "You too Evo."
"Reinforcements are on there way sir." Evo said.
"Good." Furno said. "I wonder if Stormers going to believe this."
"You were amazing Nex." Evo told me.
"Thanks." I said. "But Jetbug's still out there, and we have to catch him if Tanker Station 22 is going to be secure again..."


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