Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mission 14: Upgraded

Veterans Preston Stormer, Will Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge
Retake Tanker Station 22.
Stormer's Log:
Last mission went really bad. It seemed like Von Ness all over again but I'm glad that we all made it out all right. After the mission was over everyone at HeroFactory were working on a new armour system to protect hero's in future missions. Also, we weren't planning to let our defeat go unpunished so now were going back into the inferno with the new armour system, ice canons and built in state-of-the-art headgear to communicate, spy and many other things that are vital if we hope to win this battle. It was now time for these villains to get a taste of HeroFactory 2.0
Our Drop Ship was now close to the mission site and I could see two villains, Nitroblast and Jetbug, standing on the edge of the station. I used my headgear to hear what they were saying.
"Hero's!" Jetbug exclaimed. "What are they doing back here?"
"They must be slow learners." Nitroblast said. "Lets see if they'll get the message this time."
Nitroblast fired his Lava Sphere Shooter at us.
"Brace yourselves!!!" I shouted.
BOOM!!! Our Drop Ship was hit and we were falling fast. We hit the ground hard and we'd tour apart a bit of piping as we slid along a not so welcoming surface. Everyone was okay, a few scratches but the new armour had prevented any fatal injuries.
First to greet us was Jetbug. Drilldozer was coming at us from behind and Nitroblast arrived last with his weapons ready to burn us to a spare parts. We were surrounded.
"Surge! Breez! You take on Nitroblast." I ordered. "Furno! You go for Jetbug. I'll take down our silent friend over there."
"Yes Alpha leader!" The all said as I went to take down Drilldozer.
Unfortunately, he was ready for me and used his shoulder mounted Lava Sphere Shooter. I hit the sphere with my Double-Barrel Ice Cannon and a explosion of steam gave me an advantage to catch him from behind. I used my headgear to see through the steam. Drilldozer was obviously annoyed and he couldn't find see anything in the steam. I got up behind him and opened fire. Unlike last time my weapon affected him really well. He began to fall and I made the mistake of thinking he was defeated. I tried to Hero-Cuff him but failed, he hit me hard with his drill and I went flying out of the steam that had been my ally earlier in the fight.
"You can not defeat me hero!" Drilldozer said.
"So you can talk!" I said, kind of amazed. "That will make the interrogation a whole lot easier."
He then decided to shut his mouth again and let his drill do the talking. I jumped over him and decided that the Hero-Cuffs weren't the best idea so I used the new Hero-Charge instead. I planted the device on his back and he was drained of his energy.
I hoped that Furno, Surge and Breez had done the same but I soon found out they hadn't.
"Stormer! Get Down!" Furno shouted just in time. I narrowly missed Jetbug's blast. Together, me and Furno opened fire on Jetbug but he was too fast for us and he then flew into the pipe systems.
"He must be going to help Nitroblast." Furno said.
"We need to get to Surge and Breez!" I said. "Now!"

We got there just before Jetbug and we opened fire on the villains.
"Drilldozer's down!" Jetbug informed Nitroblast while constantly shooting at us. "We can't defeat them without backup."
"Then we have no alternative." Nitroblast said. "We have to retreat."
"Silence! They may win this battle but the war will be a different story."
Then Nitroblast unleashed a massive wave of fire and before we knew it they were gone.

We did a basic clean up and checked to make sure the villains weren't still around. Capturing Drilldozer was a big victory but we still had a long way to go until Tanker Station 22 is safe. I saw a Drop Ship coming in with two figures on it.
"Rookies?" Furno asked.
"Yep!" I replied. "Nex and Evo, fresh of the assembly line. Good luck training 'em Furno."
"Wait!"  He said but I was already walking away with a smile on my face. 1 down, 3 to go. Hopefully with help from the rookies we'll be able to take on the Fire Villains and capture them once and for all. Today is the beginning of a new age in HeroFactory, the age of 2.0

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