Wednesday, 9 February 2011

2011 Hero Review: Surge 2.0

I got Surge 2.0 the same time I got Jetbug. I didn't get Surge last year but this year I did and he is awesome. However if your not to sure about 2.0 then I would suggest getting Stormer 2.0 or Evo 2.0 to get more of a feel of what these new sets has to offer. I was planing to get Stormer 2.0 but the shop I went to only had Surge 2.0, Furno 2.0 and Breez 2.0 so I got Surge 2.0 and I also got Furno 2.0 for my brother. Anyway, lets get on with the review...

The build was a lot better than the heroes we had in 2010. There isn't much going on compared to Jetbug but it was still good. I'll give the build a 8/10

Now for the new pieces I'm not going to go into much detail because a lot of them are very similar to Jetbug. There is a new head piece which uses the mini-pins which are popular in these new sets. There is also his exclusive head piece which has a cool scope. There is also a skull cap in blue. He also has a new chest which has a new Hero-Core which is now smaller because the bottom has been cut of. Finally he comes with his unique Hero-Badge which has his name printed on it. I'll give the new pieces a 10/10

Now for the design. I introduced this new concept to my reviews when I did Jetbug and I hope that you enjoy it. He looks very good from the front and sides but turn it onto the back an its completely hollow which is quite annoying, especially with the white under armour which has a lot of contrast against the black skeleton. I'll give the design a rating of 7/10

Playability is better than the 2010 hero's because of the bendable limbs they have. I'll give the playability a 6/10

Overall, I think this is a good set but as I said above I would not suggest getting him first. Overall he is a great figure and I'm giving him a overall rating of 8/10

Thanks for reading my review of Surge 2.0 and next will be Furno 2.0. Please share your thoughts,


  1. Cool! I have both Surges. I just got Nitroblast and he's really cool. The only thing I don't like about him is his hollow head. They should have an ironman head in there or something. It just looks awckward. I'm hoping to get either Drilldozer or Stormer and Breez soon.

  2. Thanks, I'm hoping to get either Stormer 2.0 or Nitroblast next.