Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 Hero Review: Furno 2.0

My brother got Furno 2.0 same time he got the Furno Bike. He's okay but I like all the others a lot better (I'll talk about why when I get onto the design) so I wouldn't really recommend buying him unless you really want to. Now onto the review...

The build was quite good. I would say its average for the new Hero's. Still it is better than 2010 so I'll give the build a 8/10

Now for the knew pieces. Most are the same as Surge 2.0 but in red. He has his Hero-badge with Furno 2.0 written on it. My favourite part however is the new piece on the weapon that reminds me of the Piraka foot from Bionicle. I'll give the new pieces a 10/10

Now for the Design. When I saw preliminary pics didn't really think he looked that good because of his head which lets the set down a lot and also, because he's arguably the main character, it lets the rest down. But when he was released the goggles didn't come out as far as I thought but it still would be nice to have something covering the mouth like on a lot of the others. Like all the others there's the hollow back which I talked about in the review of Surge 2.0. I'll give the design a 6/10

Playability, same as Surge 2.0, it's better than the 2010 hero's because of the bendable limbs they have. I'll give the playability a 6/10

Overall, he's a good figure but as I said in design the head lets him down a lot. I'll give him an overall rating of 7/10

I hope you enjoyed this review of Furno 2.0. Bellow is my brothers opinion of this set. Please comment and follow,
Furno 2.0 Opinion
Above is my review of Furno 2.0 and here is my brothers opinion on it. I gave it a overall rating of 7/10 but I'm not sure what my brother thinks about him...

I like the awesome new armour that attaches using the ball-and-socket system. I also like the brand new weapon design because it can also be like a shield. I do not really like the leg because they aren't symmetrical. I disagree with my brother and am going for a higher overall rating of 8/10

That was my brothers opinion of Furno 2.0 and I hope you enjoyed it. The next review with be of Stormer 2.0 and the next post will be of the third part of Mission 2.0 which will be titled Mission 15: Rookies. Please comment and follow,


  1. Cool! I jsut got Stormer 2.0, Breez 2.0, and Fire Lord today. They're awesome!

  2. Cool. I'm hopefully going to get Nitroblast soon.

  3. cool i got evo nex and i'm getting fire lord. nice review btw furno 2.0 isn't really a set i want to get but I'm driven between saving for an xbox game or collecting the hero factory.