Monday, 7 March 2011

Mission 16: The Enemy Revealed (1 of 2)

The Enemy Revealed
Veterans Natalie Breez, Mark Surge and Preston Stormer
Defend Tanker Station 22.
Surge's Log:
Boring!!! Not so long ago, Jetbug had showed up and began torching the platform. After a short fire fight the villain activated his jetpacks and flew off. Stormer had ordered me and Breez to guard the warehouse while he and the others went of to continue the fight. So unfair, even the rookies got to go with him.
"Do you think that Stormer has forgotten that were no longer rookies?" I asked Breez.
"It's the fact that we aren't rookies that we are here guarding all this." She said with a calm look on her face. "If something went wrong, as hard as it is to admit it, a couple of rookies wouldn't be able to handle it."
"I guess your right." I replied.
Seconds later, a massive explosion shook the warehouse and both me and Breez prepared our weapons. A massive figure walked in and I knew that it wasn't any old fire villain. We were looking at the notorious Fire Lord, leader of the Fire Villains.
I couldn't be bothered to give him any chances, every time I do they just reply by shooting at me. I opened fire at him as Breez began to charge. We practised this strategy like a million times and know we were taking it out for a test run because as Stormer always says: 'Training and experience are two completely different things.'
The Fire Lord to a shot at Breez but she jumped just in time and landed right behind the villains back, just like in training, it all seemed to be going as planned. The shot that Breez had dodged made a catastrophic explosion which, again, made the entire warehouse shake. Breez planted a Hero-Charge on his back. She jumped aside as the Hero-Charge burst to life and released an electro magnetic pulse which drained the Fire Lord's energy.
"Yes!" I shouted out in happiness, but it all seemed to easy. This can't be it and unfortunately it wasn't.
The Fire Lord rose with up in laughter. Breez charged again but he swatted her away casually. He then took a shot at me and I had to hide behind a fuel container for cover, probably not the best idea but luckily nothing caught fire.
I took the advantage to call Stormer for help. "Stormer, come in."
"What is it Surge." Stormer asked.
"Jetbug sent you on a wild-goose-chase and the Fire Lord just attacked the warehouse. We need backup immediately."
"Okay Surge." Stormer said. "Hold out as long as you can. I'll get the group together and well head off to give you support."
And with that it was just me and Breez left against this hulking monster. At least we now know that help is on the way and, as long a Jetbug hadn't sent them to far, it is going to be here soon.
We continued the fight for a while then the strangest thing ever happened. Even stranger than Corroder's laugh, even stranger than the fact that Von Nebula used to be a hero, even stranger than Furno reviled fear of spiders, and believe me that was strange.
"You hero's have failed to impress me." He said coldly, if that was possible for someone who spent all his time around fire. "I was expecting more from the team that had defeated Von Nebula."
And with that he shot the roof wide open and flew off using his jetpacks.
"Well that was..." Breez began.
I finished her sentence by saying: "Odd."
"No," Breez said, a bit annoyed with me I think. "More like..."
She was cut of again this time but not by me, by the sound of metal hitting the flour. We ran through to the warehouse and went to the vault entrance on the other side of the room. The entrance had been sliced open and I had a funny felling that the Fire Lord wasn't the only one who had broken in...