Friday, 29 October 2010

Mission 11: Trick of Trap (1 of 2)

Trick or Trap
Alpha Team Veteran Preston Stormer with Rookies Will Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge
Recapture Meltdown and Thunder who have recently escaped from prison.
Furno's Log:

Trick or treat? More like Trick or Trap as this mission was a tough one. It was Halloween and  everyone was having a good time, well everyone but us. Both Meltdown and Thunder had seen here and we were on duty searching for them. After hours of searching we began to think it was a prank call but then it happened.
We were on top of a bridge with the water flowing below us. Not so far away the water was falling through the industrial waterfall.
BOOM!!! Thunder had shot the bridge down and we were speeding through the river strait towards the waterfall.
"So long Hero's!!!" Thunder laughed, their was no sign of Meltdown, maybe the caller had got it wrong.
"Kid!" Stormer said as he grabbed my arm. He had frozen a strip of water anchored himself to the side. Breez had done a similar thing using her harpoon to grab the side of the river and had Surge clinging to her leg. We quickly climbed out and went to confront Thunder.
"Back for more I see." Thunder said, his voice shook the ground below our feet.
"Surrender Thunder! We've beaten you twice before." I said, my Dual Fire-Shooter aimed directly at him.
"Never!" Thunder said. "I would rather be a trash-bot than return to that prison."
"That can be arranged." Surge joked.
I heard a faint sound coming from below us. Before I could react the flour melted away and we fell into a hollow with piping on the metal walls. I felt a tentacle rap around my neck and pull me back.
Stormer quickly got to his feet and said: "Release him, Meltdown."
"Never!" The villain replied. "Now drop your weapons or your friend here dies..."

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