Saturday, 16 October 2010

2010 Hero Review: Jimi Stringer

I've just got Jimi Stringer and he is awesome! He is my favourite Hero and he has a great colour scheme, reminds me of Halloween. Anyway, onto the review...

The build was the same as Preston Stormer, simpler than the rookies and you don't really need the instruction booklet. As always, I'm giving the Build a 4/10

The new pieces are basically the same as the other Hero's except they have a different colour. He has his own unique chest plate which has amplifiers making him look very cool. The chest armour also looks very slick which is cool. The sonic blaster weapon looks cool but, unfortunately, is hollow. However, all the amplifying equipment makes the weapon look good and his hand is moulded into it. I'm giving the new pieces a 9/10

The playability is not so good on its own, but together with some of the other Hero's and Villains it would be very fun (How many times have I said that?) so I'll give a 5/10

Overall, despite the arm, Jimi Stringer is the best. I only wish LEGO would fill in the hollow arm. Overall, I think he deserves a 8/10

By the way, Mission 10: Dark Reunion is my last mission for a while. I am thinking about doing a Halloween special but I still haven't decided. The missions will continue in 2011 when the new sets come out. Also, the next review will be of Bulk then that will probably  be it until Christmas but you never know. Please comment and follow, 

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