Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mission 10: Dark Reunion (2 of 2)

Dark Reunion
Alpha Team Veteran Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk with Rookies Will Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge
Capture Von Nebula once and for all.
Stormer's Log:

This mission was not going well. We had already lost Furno and Bulk, another loss and we would have to fall back. This was our one big chance to capture Von Nebula and I wasn't going to blow it. Then I looked on the bright side of the situation, we had almost defeated Von Nebula's army. Then it hit me. Xplode was nowhere in sight and their was loads of containers filled with flammable substances plotted randomly across the battlefield. I looked up and then the mystery was solved. Xplode was standing on top of Von Nebula's base ready for the kill.
"SO LONG, HERO'S!!!" Xplode screamed as he launched every missile he had at us. On normal circumstances this would have been bad, but with all the flammable substances lying around it made this extremely deadly.
"Everybody get down!!!" I ordered just in time the explosion came and I was almost blown away by the shock-wave.
"Stringer!" I said. "Take down Xplode!"
"Yes sir!" He replied.
"Surge, Breez! Get the injured to safety." I ordered.
They then went to do their jobs and I went to do mine. Settle a score with Von Nebula.

I guess I should tell you about my past with Von Nebula. It was when I was on a mission as a rookie .Von Nebula went by the name Von Ness back then and was a Rookie like me. Unfortunately our commander was down and Von Ness became cowardly and left me alone to fight the enemy. I had not seen Von Ness since, I amused he had returned to the factory at first but when I arrived no-one had seen him. Now the secret was revealed, Von Ness had chosen a life of crime and was now at the top of the most wanted list. Now I am going to bring him to justice.
I found Von Nebula easily.
"Hey!" I said. "Remember me?"
"Preston Stormer!" Von Nebula said in a low hum.
"Von Ness!"
"Not any more, Stormer!" He roared "I AM VON NEBULA!!!"
He tried to hit me with his Black Hole Staff but I blocked his attack with my multi-function ice weapon. Then I began a rapid-fire assault on my adversary. He was growing weaker and weaker every second so I paused my assault and said: "Had enough."
"Hardly!" Von Nebula roared as he activated his Black Hole Staff and defied the laws of science, summoning a black hole. I quickly jumped and took the Staff of the villain. I then deactivated the black hole and arrested Von Nebula.

I went outside and saw that Stringer had defeated Xplode and Bulk and Furno were back on their feet. We had captured all of Von Nebula's gang and finally captured Von Nebula himself. The galaxy could finally be at peace. But soon their would be another villain that will come on along, and when they do we will be ready...

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