Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mission 21: Into the Jungle

Into the Jungle
Rookie Daniel Rocka with Recon Team agent Merrick Fortis
Rescue Aldous Witch from the jungle planet Quatros.
Rocka's Log:

I thought it was going to be a simple mission find Aldous and maybe fight some animals that came in to close but this mission turned into one that held the fate of the whole planet on the line. Even Hero management though it was simple, why else send a lone rookie in. I was on the drop ship with Merrick Fortis. He was transporting me to Quatros and he was then going to do some outer galaxy patrolling.
"All right rookie." He said. "This is it, are you ready."
The doors opened up and I looked into the jungle bellow. "Yes sir."
"Once you get back to the drop off point with Aldous Witch contact the Factory and they'll send a ship for you."
"Yes sir." I said.
"Well then... good luck." He said and I jumped out the craft and landed on a thick branch. I looked back and saw it take off. From here on out I was on my own.

I decided it was best to travel through the trees and look down for any signs of Aldous Witch. I was jumping through when I saw I fairly big jump was needed to get to the next trunk. I jumped seeing no alternative but I missed. I dung my claw into it but it was no use I slipped and fell to the hard ground.
I heard a noise coming from somewhere nearby. Kept my guard up, assuming it was one of the native animals. Suddenly a Fangz jumped out at me but this wasn't your average everyday Fangz. Its back was covered in spikes and its eyes glowed a devilish red. I know Fangz can be aggressive but they never attack anything larger than them unless they are provoked.
Its eyes narrowed in on me and I slowly backed away, keeping my guard up encase it decided to attack. I admit that I was frightened I had a small amount of Hero training and had never faced down anything but practice drones. This was a whole new level of fighting and I was in no way ready for it. At this point I looked up to my inspiration, Furno, and thought 'What would he do in a situation like this?' Unfortunately, fear was blocking my thoughts and I did the most stupid thing possible.
I landed a blow on the Fangz and it lost its footing... but victory didn't come that easily and it attacked me straight on. I put up my shield to block the blow but it was useless. after seconds the fight was over and the Fangz dragged my half concious body away.

The Fangz dragged me to a place that seemed like a temple of some sort. Skulls were used as decoration and a large being walked out. He was carrying a staff and seemed to have some form of projectile launcher in his hand. Similar to a meteor blaster that a lot of villains use.
"Thank you, my loyal servant." He said calmly but his voice gave off a hint of evil in it. He then raised his staff and the two spikes on it, similar to the ones that covered the back of the Fangz, glowed red and he then said: "That will be all." The Fangz responded by running off. This was strange. How could this figure control a wild animal. He then began to speak to me: "Hello Rocka, its good to see you again."
"How do you know my name?" I said in shock.
"We've met before." He said his voice still serene. "I was the one who began your training after all."
"No!" I said. "You can't be, your not Aldous Witch."
"Your right there, I'm not Aldous Witch, at least, not any more." He ranted. "Now I am the Witch Doctor."
He broke into a maniacal laugh and my thoughts went mad. How could this figure be Aldous Witch, what did he do to the animals on this planet and what does he want with me. My last question was about to be answered.
"Now there's the question of what to do with you." Witch Doctor said. "I could kill you right here and now. Maybe force you to work in the mines. However, I'm going to be kind and leave the choice up to you."
"I choose neither." said an them used all my agility to make a jump for the nearest tree. I dug my claw into it and this time I didn't slip.
"Thats to bad." Which Doctor said as he shot at me but I managed to jumped to the branch above him. I used my claw to slice thought the thick branch and the fell on top of my adversary, temporarily trapping him.
I wasn't in the mood to wait till he got free. I made a run for it and once I put enough distance in between me and the Which Doctor. I then sat down and sent out a distress call to the Hero Factory, I needed back up immediately as this mission was to much for one lone rookie.