Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mission 22: Tamed

Veterans Preston Stormer, Will Furno, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk with rookie Julius Nex
Take out the Witch Doctor's primary mine on the jungle planet Quatros.
Stringer's Log:

After receiving the information about Quatros's situation from Rocka. We were geared up with special animal armour and I was given the power of the black bear. The new armour fitting was specifically made for this mission and no others. From the drop ship I couldn't see much bellow but one thing was that something felt wrong about the planet, now I can't connect with nature like Breez can but I know when theirs something extremely wrong in the air and this was one of those times. In fact, I haven't felt like this since the mission to capture Von Nebula, and that's still giving me bad dreams. We were coming in for a lading when Stormer began giving out instructions.
"Okay, listen up." He said. "This mission is going to be very challenging as we have a lot of tasks ahead of us so your all going to have to keep up, Furno."
Stormer then let Furno take over and explain the plan to us: "Thanks sir." He said. "To take Quatros back we will spilt up into two teams. Me and Stormer will search for Rocka, ever since he sent us the distress message we haven't heard from him. In the meantime, you three will be hitting the quaza mines and hitting them hard. Begin with the primary one at the following co-ordinates..."

We followed the coordinates given to us and before we split up Stormer had placed me in charge of taking down the mines. I had take on this task before so I was no stranger to the responsibilities but I still felt uneasy as there seemed to be more weight on my shoulders.
I saw the mine dead ahead and signalled for Bulk an Nex to circle the mine while I prepared to go in head on. I could only see about half a dozen Raw-Jaw working on the mine and walking in and out of the cave with unrefined quaza. I saw Bulk and Nex in position and shouted: "CHARGE!!!"
All three of us ran in from each side, surprising the Raw-Jaw. One of them threw the quaza they were carrying at me and I was just saved by Nex when he jumped in and pushed me our the way. Shards of quaza fell to the ground and broke into even more smaller fragments.
I got up and grabbed the Raw-Jaw by the neck and threw it into a tree. It growled at me but was in too much pain to attempt a second attack. Bulk had also already took one down and it all seemed to be going well until I saw a pair of Scorpio over the cave and no sooner had I saw them they unleashed waves of fire-power on us and we were helpless to fight back with no long range guns in our inventory. I done the only thing I could think of and charged at them, avoiding there constant fire.
Nex and Bulk were left to handle the Raw-Jaw who had been ferociously attacking since the Scorpio gave them a fighting advantage.
Once I got close enough I jumped on the back of one and the other targeted me as the one bellow desperately tried to shake me off. I took my timing perfectly and jumped away as one Scorpio shot the other I then grabbed the others tail and turned its weapon into my own shooting at the Raw-Jaw bellow and I even managed to collapse the mine tunnel before the beast threw me off. It then took aim at me, ready for revenge but I was saved by Bulk as he jumped in and shattered one of the quaza spikes implanted into the creature and then the beast screamed in agony. I jumped in and ripped the other spike out and then it was as if the Witch Doctor's influence was destroyed, as if it had become tamed. It ran off as if it had woken up from a bad dream and continued its natural life.
"Well that was... odd." Bulk said.
"Looks like we've just found a piece of valuable information." I said. "Best to transmit it to Stormer."
Nex then came running up and said: "The Raw-Jaw have retreated and the mines been destroyed. What do we do now."
"We'll head back the the ship and recharge," I said "This battle has only just begun..."

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