Tuesday, 26 July 2011

2011 Hero Review: Rocka 3.0

On my birthday, it was a nice surprise when I unwrapped Rocka 3.0 because I wasn't expecting him to be released until August. I'm not entirely sure he came from 'cause every site I look on say to pre-order for August but I'm glad I got him and I am now happy to bring you a Savage Planet review...

The build is, as always, our starting point and their hasn't been change in the building system so their isn't much difference with the 2.0 line. However, I'm glad they kept it the same as it would get annoying if the hero's kept changing with each new release.The build gets the same old 8/10

The next part of the review is the new pieces an their are a fair amount including recolours. Since this is our first gold hero we have some new armour pieces in gold. We have a pair of gold feet along with some large (5 Stud Long) hero armour pieces in gold. We also have a gold hero chest piece with a cool white hero core inside it. It also includes two lower arm/ leg skeletal pieces in grey which is cool. Another recolour is the white head which is also a great piece to have in that colour. He includes a black hand with the four fingers on it and an all new piece which is the base of his weapon and could also be used as a paw. The two centre spikes coming out of his weapon are also new pieces but their plastic seems cheap and flexible. on the outer part of the weapon are some new talon like pieces too. He also comes with the new trans-green hero badge which has a lions head printed on it along with his name: Rocka 3.0. Of course, the final piece is his head resembles a lion is some way but you have to be looking at it from the right angles. With all that and half those pieces in a gold colour, how can I resist a 10/10

Design is the third part of the review and one thing I have to say about it is the head is to big because it is made for Rocka XL and not this smaller version. Other than that he is not too bad. They still have not fixed the hollow back but I've learned to except that over time and who else can resist the gold which was an excellent choice of colour and LEGO did not cheap out as they have given us a solid and shiny gold colour unlike the old Bionicle Glatorian Mata Nui. With that said I give the design a 7/10

The playability has not changed much makes the basic articulation suffer so its a low mark of 5/10

Overall, Rocka 3.0 is great and although I may have been a bit critical about the head I still recommend it and as you can probably tell, I love the gold and if you make MoC's then I would recommend this as gold is going to be great on your creations. Overall, he gets a 9/10

Thanks for reading my first Savage Planet review and I hope to have more on the way. Until then, please comment and follow,

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