Wednesday, 13 July 2011

2010 Villain Review: Meltdown

As I said, I now am collecting some of the old sets that I missed from 2010. The first is Meltdown who is my brothers, so it will include his opinion, but I hope to get Thunder for myself soon and I will then review him. But enough of the future, lets get back to the present and get on with the review.

The build was very welcome after many of the new system builds. It almost felt new but it was still the good old build I loved. Now real complaints except it was fairly short so because of that its a 9/10

The new pieces is going to be a bit different as this is a older set the pieces aren't really new any more so I will talk about them for what they were back then. A really nice piece is the head which is just one colour but holds a lot of character and seems a bit scaly in but still robotic as well. There is also green tank pieces which are also used on Nitroblast from 2011 only he has a red instead of green. His body is the basic one which is used on almost all the sets released in 2010. The most awesome one is the tentacle piece in a lime green, it really adds to his character and just seems to fit with the whole toxic waste idea. The new pieces get an amazing rating of 10/10

The design is great. Unfortunately, stickers are involved and they are small ones and theirs twelve of them!!! This is the sets big let down as a lot of people don't really like stickers. I don't mind them after doing a lot of them in other LEGO themes and some may actually see the stickers as a plus side because if they are looking at the sets for the parts they may want to leave the stickers out so its your call really, if you don't like stickers you might want to skip on this set or get someone to help you with them if your bad at putting them on, that's what my brother does.There's not much else to go over design wise as a lot of its covered in the pieces section and I've written a lot on new pieces already. Lets just rate it with a 8/10

The playability is average for the sets of its year and gets a rating of 6/10

Overall, if you see this in a shop and you've got some money lying around, I would suggest buying it as you may not have the chance to for much longer as it will be discontinued sooner or later. A good looking set that I would recommend to any MoCer or HeroFactory fan, just be aware of the stickers. Overall rating is a 9/10

That was my review of Meltdown and I hope you enjoyed it. Below is my brothers opinion of the set which is there to give an extra point of view. Please comment and follow,

Meltdown Opinion
Above is my review of Meltdown and just to add an extra opinion to it I am letting my brother tell you what he thinks as this is his set. I gave it a 9/10 but lets see what he gives it:

One thing that I like about Meltdown is his green ball which different to the others as it has more of a toxic waste feel. I also like the tank pieces which look cool and I like the trans-green used on them. The thing I don't like is his upper arms as they lack a bit of armour. I give him a high rating of 9/10

That was my brothers opinion of Meltdown and I hope you enjoyed it. He actually pointed out some stuff that I didn't fit into mine. Next review will hopefully be of Thunder but until then, please comment and follow,

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