Saturday, 4 September 2010

2010 Villain Review: Xplode

I just got Xplode and he is awesome. I built him as soon as I got home and really enjoyed the build. When I looked at the box I thought he looked a bit skinny. But once he was built I thought otherwise. Now onto the review.

The build was great. Definitely reminded me of the Glatorian type of build. He has more pieces than Corroder and a better build. He is a hunchback and doesn't use the connector on the on the body piece to attach his head on. however the connector piece on the body is used for the back armour. I'll give the build a 9/10

Their are a few new pieces but mainly re-colours. The new piece that comes with a lot of HeroFactory sets is the body piece. The helmet is awesome, it has teeth which makes it look more evil. He has cool new spike pieces which are made with a strong rubber. The weapon is cool and has very good detail. He also has the black Thornax Launcher pieces which are great for MoC's. I'll give the new piece's a 9/10

The playability is better than a Hero because of the Meteor Launcher but you really need some Hero's for him to battle. I'll give the playability a 6/10

Overall, this set is worth the money and brings back the old Glatorian feel. I would suggest getting him as your first or second villain. Overall, he deserves a 9/10

I'm not sure what review will be next but their won't be one for a while. Please Comment and follow,

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