Friday, 10 September 2010

Mission 5: The Dawn of Battle

The Dawn of Battle
Rookies Will Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge
Capture Corroder and bring him to Justice.
Furno's Log:

We had been chasing Corroder for weeks. We had a few minor battles with him but he always managed to get away. This time it was going to different.
We found him on a industrial rooftop in a major city, if we failed here hundreds of innocents would be at risk. We split up and surrounded him, then I made a big mistake.
I stepped on a mine that was placed on the floor. There was an explosion and before I knew it I was laying on the floor with Corroder standing over me.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Corroder hissed. "Did you really think I would allow you to find me so easily?"
I said nothing.
"You Heroes are all the same." He continued. "In a day or so this city will be wiped of the map. But don't worry, you won't be around to see its destruction. In fact you won't be around to see the next 5 minutes."
He aimed his Meteor Blaster at me. I thought I was a doomed but just before he dealt the final blow Surge jumped in and shot Corroder. Corroder went flying back and started to fall off the building, but he quickly grabbed onto the edge and pull himself back up.
I still felt dazed but I managed to get up and prepare myself for battle.
"Are you OK Furno?" asked Breez.
"Yeah" I said. "Just a bump on my head".
Breez nodded then turned her attention to Corroder who had recovered from Surges surprise attack.
We traded blows on top of the building, but none of us gained an advantage until I noticed that there was some other mines placed on top of the building.
"Hey ugly!!!" I shouted at Corroder. "Over hear!!!"
Corroder took the bait and charged at me. Then there was an explosion and Corroder was lying on the ground unconscious.
"Nice job Furno" Breez said.
"Thanks" I replied. "Now lets Hero cuff this guy and get back to the factory."
It had been a long mission but we had finally succeeded.

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