Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mission 4: Frozen Fury

Frozen Fury
Alpha Team Veterans Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk
Protect the Snowbase from Von Nebula's minion Rotor.
Stormer's Log:

OK, lets get straight to the action. So we were guarding the Snowbase waiting for something to happen. I was beginning to think that Rotor wasn't coming until I saw him flying towards us. He land on the ice and made a few cracks, then he started walking towards us.
"Stop!" I shouted at the villain. "Leave now or face the swift justice of Hero Factory." He continued walking towards us.
"That means: Go away or get blown up." Bulk threatened, but he kept walking towards us.
Finally Rotor stood still and began to talk. "Alpha team? I thought Hero's with your reputation would be a little bit... taller. Ha! Ha! Ha!"
"No more warnings." I said. "Attack!!!"
We charged at him but he reacted quickly, he jumped up in the air and shot the ground in front of us. Their was a big explosion in front of us and the ground opened up.
"Get away from the cracks!" I ordered.
"Don't need to tell us twice." Stringer replied.
"Puny Hero's!" Rotor taunted. "You will never beat me!" Then I noticed that Rotor was hovering in the air. I had a plan all worked out, I just needed him on the ground for it to work.
"Bulk! Stringer!" I ordered "Get him out of the air and onto the ground."
"I think I know what you have in mind." Stringer said then he ran off to join Bulk who was already attacking.
It took a while to get him out of the air. Bulk got hit a few times but he seemed to be all right. Finally, Stringer made a sound wave so loud that it disturbed Rotor's flight systems. Once he was on the ground I shot the ice bellow him and the ice broke making him fall into the ice cold water. After that we got him out and put a pair of Hero Cuffs on him. Then we travelled back to the factory and knew we had achieved our mission.

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