Friday, 17 February 2012

Mission 37: Face Off

Face Off
Veteran Mark Surge
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find Splitface, a villain who recently escaped from Hero Factory prison, and bring him back to justice.
Surge's log:

Our spies report that Splitface was heading towards the communications satellite in the Sigma Sigma System. And I was the one who had to go catch him and cuff him. Not that I'm complaining. I hadn't got any action since the Breakout happened. I'd either been in the infirmary or training. Both are boring. But now it's time for some real action.
I walked across one of the asteroids and could see the satellite in the distance. I powered up the short range teleporter placed on this space rock. They were used for easy travel between asteroids in the system. The teleporter activated and light  surrounded me in an instant they began to dim and I saw the satellite in front of me. I walked around, looking inside and behind crates.
"Nothing yet Zib." I said through the communicator. "Are you sure he's here."
"He should be somewhere nearby." Zib replied. "Do you see any workers."
"Negative." I said after another look round. "Not a soul in sight."
I heard a banging sound in side one of the containers. I walked closer and opened it. I readied my weapon just in case but it was unnecessary. A group of workers poured out.
"Cancel that Zib." I said through the communicator. "I've found the workers."
"A Hero!" One of the workers cheered. "We're saved!"
"Not yet." I replied. "Where's Splitface."
"He went to the control room." Another one said. "We don't know why."
"What's he up to?" I thought to myself.

I entered the control room but Splitface wasn't there. I took the opportunity to check the cameras to see if Splitface was still here. I didn't understand what he was up to. I found him except he wasn't on the station. He was on one of the asteroids. I headed for the teleporter. It was time to end this.

The light faded and I was on the same space rock that Splitface was.
"Ah." He said. "Come to watch from a safe distance have we?"
"Watch what?" I asked.
"Didn't you notice." He said. "I turned up the gravity controls to maximum. I a minute, the station will be crushed by the asteroids." One of them hit the satellite and damaged the dish. "It's starting."
"Then I'll end it." I said as I ran for the teleporter but it was too late. Splitface shot it with his blaster and rendered it useless.
"Your not going anywhere." He said.
"So be it." I said while readying my weapons. He was going down.
I charged at him and swung my blade at him. He blocked it with his claw and then pushed me back. He shot again but I dodged and used the explosion behind me to propel me forward and hit him full felt with my blade. A burst of electricity went through him as he fell back and impacted against the hard ground of this rock.
I looked behind me, more asteroids where hitting the satellite. This fight was a mere distraction. By the time it's over the satellite will be rouble. I ran and jumped from rock to rock. Propelling my self with my blasters shots.
I reached the satellite and ran for the control room. Everything shook with each impact. I got to the control room and turned down the gravity controls. There were no more impacts for a while. It was all clear.
However, Splitface still got away. As I climbed into my ship I looked at all the damage Splitface caused. Workers were all ready busy fixing it but I made a vow to find Splitface and bring him to justice for his crimes one day.

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