Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mission 36: Recruitment

Veteran Natalie Breez
Mission Manager:
Nathaniel Zib
Find Thornraxx, a villain who recently escaped from Hero Factory prison, and bring him back to justice.
Breez's Log:

When Zib called me in for a mission, I didn't think I'd be going on a bug hunt. I went to the asembly tower and got equipped with some rocked jets so that I'd be able to keep up with Thornraxx. I was flying solo on this one, literally. And with a whole planet of bugs to look over, it wasn't going to be easy.
Rumours where going around about Thornraxx trying to recruit and group of bugs to help aid him in an unknown plot. Hopefully a plot that will never have the chance to be carried out. Of course, that depended on me and my victory against Thornraxx.
I was exploring the lower hive. It wasn't a pleasant site at all. Gas leaked out of pipes and everything was slowly rusting away.
An incoming shot came from behind and I raised my energy shield just in time to block the blast. It was Thornraxx all right and her looked like he had seen better days.
"That's the last shot you'll be firing in a long time Thornraxx." I said to him. "Now why don't you come along quietly and save me the trouble."
"Afraid not Hero!" He buzzed back as he flew towards me. I shot at him but he dodged and then hit me with his stinger tail. A pain surged through my arm. He then went to hide in one of the piped but I activated my jets and pursued the villain.
I went through the pipe and came out in a room with almost no light and only the centre of the room was properly lit. I could hear Thornraxx's buzzing all around me but couldn't pin down where it was coming from.
"I'm afraid there's only one way out." I said to Thornraxx. "And I'm blocking it."
Just as I said it the entrance shut and left the room in pitch black.
"I'm not trapped Hero." He replied as the lights came on. "You are!"
I looked around and saw 3 recruits and Thornraxx himself. I had fallen into a trap and there was no easy way out of this. The rumours were true and Thornaxx had been recruiting. However, I still didn't know why.
"After I escaped prison I knew it was only a matter of time until Hero came." He buzzed. "So I decided why lay about when I can start recruiting. With a team of villains I should be more than safe, especially if their is only one hero."
"Don't under estimate me." I replied as I prepared myself for attack.
"I didn't." He buzzed back as his recruits attacked. I shot and took one down. I then kicked another in the face as it came towards me. The final one jumped at me but I raised my shield and the villain smacked right into it.
That left Thornraxx. He shot at me but I dodged it. However the shot hit the wall and gas began to leak in. I heard the exit open above me and caught a glimpse of the bugs escape through the gas. I flew up and grabbed his tail. I then slammed him into the wall and he fell unconscious. I then hulled him out of the pipe and cuffed him as soon as I could.
"I got him Zib." I said into the communicator. "Along with another few bugs."
"Copy that Breez. I'll send a team to pick them all up." Zib said back.
"Glad to hear it." I replied. "So got any other missions for me?"
"Report back to the Factory for a recharge, then we'll see." He said.
I looked up at the huge hive environment above me. But I'd be happy to get out of this lower area as soon as possible. 'Cause this part of town defiantly isn't my kind of town. It was another villain for the prison. But what bothered me was how many more are there still out there? And will we ever catch them all? Only time will tell.

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