Monday, 27 February 2012

2012 Villain Review: Jawblade

My brother got Jawblade when I got Black Phantom and now I'm here to review him. I'm afraid that there's no opinion from him this time. I have decided to remove the my brothers opinions from the review however if you would like the leave a comment bellow saying that you want it back then I will do so if it is wanted by enough people. But now onto the review...

The build is unique in that it is not humanoid and I have never built a Hero Factory set like it. The head was interesting to build but being a set of its size there isn't too much to it. I'll give it a 9/10

There didn't seem to be a lot of new pieces in this set. The only one is the head which is great. The fin works well and the textures are awesome. A recoloured piece is the original Furno's weapons from 2010. This time the flame on the end is in a solid red colour which is cool and fits Jawblade's colour scheme. There are a few other recolours too so this set is still good for those who buil MoCs. I'll give the new pieces a 6/10

The design is great and like the build it's very unique. The red and silver go well but the main part of the design is the shape of him. It is great how they modelled him after a shark but still gave him extra parts as well. The fin on the end was a great use of older pieces and the fact that the mouth can open and close is just a great touch. The design gets a 9/10

The playability was decent. The mouth feature was great and I think it is more fun for younger ones to play with than some other sets. The playability gets an 8/10

The overall model is great. Jawblade is defiantly an interesting set and I would recommend him. The colours flow well and I just have to give him a 9/10

I hope you liked my review of Jawblade and I also hope you'll comment bellow and follow the blog if you enjoy what I've posted here. Until the next time,

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