Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hero Factory 2012 Summer Sets!!!

That's right! Preliminary pictures of the new summer sets are going around and although for legal reasons I can't post them on the blog I will provide a link right here. I'm liking what I see but am not to sure whether its more of the Breakout or if we have a new story. Its still got the game points with a pic of Black Phantom on it so I'm not sure whether its the same game or just that its still preliminary and they haven't got a pic for the new game ready yet. I'm only speculating here but from the video on LEGO.com that I said about in my last post I think we were all guessing about Stormer XL for a while now. I doubt this is all of the sets next year because it seems that we haven't got enough sets. But for just four hero's and three villains, summer is already looking promising. Please comment and follow,

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