Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 Villain Review: Fangz

I recived Fangz as a Christmas present and I must say that he does not disappoint. I would recommend him especial if you have the Witch Doctor as Fangz looks great as a pet beside his master. I would also recommend buying multiples if you have the money to spare. Now onto why I like him so much...

The build was cool and different due to his animal design. It is easy but fun at the same time. It's for these reasons I give the Build a 9/10

The new pieces are great. Three Quaza spikes are feature so its a good way to build them up and He has a lot of printed armour pieces and the best part is that they're translucent. His tail is made up of a spike piece introduced in this Savage Planet series and I first say it on Rocka as part of his weapon. The head piece is great and really catch's a robotic but still hound like feel within it. I'll give the new pieces a 9/10

The design is great and is what I really like about the set. It defiantly has a hound like feel to it and I can imagine it acting like a dog. However, it still maintains that vicious side that is shown by all the spikes. I'll give the design a 10/10

The playability is okay but with no launcher I'll have to mark it down to a rating of 5/10

Overall, Fangz is really nice and is just an awesome set. The build is good and it comes together into this really nice set. Pieces are good for MoCing with so that is an added bonus. I'll give the set an overall rating of 10/10

That was my review of Fangz and as I've said before it is recommended by me. If you haven't got it yet then I'd pick one up. Please comment and follow,

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