Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 Hero Review: Stringer 3.0

My brother got Stringer yesterday which was the day after Christmas and I thought I'd review him before getting onto to some of the bigger ones. This also means that me and my brother have all the 2011 sets which is a very big achievement as we have never completed a whole theme before and I'm going to aim to make it two years in a row by completing it next year too. Now onto the review...

The build was basic but fun and gets an 8/10

The new pieces are great but one thing I think is better is the re-colours in black. We have the chest piece in black and the body armour and the core in a flame yellow. The feet are now in black and the spike pieces are in the flame yellow too. The main new piece is the head which is really cool. The eye sockets are small but it works with the bear theme. It also has enough of a mechanical feel to give it a good mixture. He also has new pieces that act as part of his claw and they come in flame yellow. They look cool but not to much. The base of the claw is the same piece that comes as the base of Nex's weapon but its now in black which is good. The exclusive hero badge is cool but the bear on it looks a bit like a wolf but it may just be me. I'll give the new pieces a 10/10

The design is awesome and works well with the bear theme of him. It keeps the essence of the original Stringer but has a slight colour change from orange to flame yellow. He has a bulky feel to him that I feel was missing from Bulk but it seems to not be as bulky as Stormer. I like the design of Stringer and give it a 9/10

The playability is same old same old and gets a 5/10

Overall this set is really good and I personally like it. If you're into making MoC's then this set is probably good for you to get some black parts and some of the flame yellow parts too. I'll give the model an overall rating of 9/10

So that was my review of this set and I think that it is awesome since this is my brothers sets its time for his opinion on it. Here is what he thinks of it...

I like the fact that Stringer actually looks a lot like a bear but I don't really like the weapon too much because I think the should of done a similar thing to what they did with Nex and have two hands. I agree with my brother on this an give him a 9/10

That was both mine and my brothers opinion on Stringer and there are plenty more reviews on the way so please comment and follow,

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