Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Thoughts on the 2012 Villains

In the last post I said what I thought of the new Heroes of 2012 and now I will talk about the villains. Splitface is a cool on and has a unique colour scheme along with some unique pieces. He is the only medium size villain and seems fairly armoured. His head piece reminds me of Thunder 2010 one a bit but it still feels unique. He will face Surge which seems quite cool but Splitface has the advantage of size. Toxic Reapa has top be my favourite and he is facing of against Evo. Although he is a small villain he is still really cool and has some trans-green pieces which look really cool. His body also seems different and I'm interested in how its built. Jawblade is a shark who will face Furno. He looks cool I'm having a feeling he's not going to do so well in an battle on dry land but its still a nice idea to have him underwater. He is also a small villain so size isn't his advantage against Furno but him being in his element is. Thornraxx is probably my least favourite. He faces Breez in a sky battle and has some nice coloured pieces but he just seems jumbled to me and I think he's going to be a bad seller. Now for Black Phantom who I couldn't stand in the preliminary pics but now he looks awesome and he's probably just being beat by Toxic Reapa as being my favourite. He faces Rocka and I must say that Rocka is going to have to have a lot in his arsenal to beat this villain. His colour scheme is well balanced and the dark red works will with the dark metallic colours were seeing. The that's thrown in their would normally put me off but they've actually make it work and I am looking forward to getting him. Please comment and follow,

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