Monday, 24 October 2011

Hero Factory: Savage Planet Episode Review

Savage Planet aired not so long ago in the UK and after watching it I was quite happy with it. It was split into two episodes which interlocked well together to form a one hour story. In the first episode we got to see Rocka 2.0 which was cool and along with that we got to see Bulk and Stringer in 2.0 as well.I think Rocka was more impressive because Bulk and Stringer just had their 3.0 bodies with a 2.0 skullcap on, there was no visor on either of them. Rocka had his own visor which was a bit like a mix of Surge and Breez's 2.0 visors. In the episode the Heroes split up into two teams, one with Rocka, Stormer and Bulk and the other with Furno, Nex and Stringer. Dee Bradley Baker returned gain as the voice of Scorpio this time which was cool. He originally voiced Fire Lord in the Ordeal of Fire episode so it was nice for him to make a return. I think Witch Doctor made a really good villain and he really did have an evil feel to him. He was enslaving the beasts of Quatros and didn't care if the planet got destroyed in the end, he was blinded by greed to get the Quaza from the planet. Rocka XL did fit in but not as well as I expected. He was pieced together by Furno and Nex using spare armour parts continently placed in the temple. However, it was still good and all the beasts except Fangz actually talked in it  which as all right but not entirely what I was expecting. I would rate Savage Planet a 9/10 because it is improving but still needs a bit more work. Please comment and follow,

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