Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hero Factory: Oredeal of Fire Episode Review

The next instalment of the Hero Factory TV series, Ordeal of Fire, was resiliently shown on TV and is now on You Tube. Click here for part one and here for part two. Now I will be giving my thoughts on the episode and what I would rate it. My favourite part was when Stormer, Breez and Furno arrived on Tanker Station 22 in their upgraded form and Stormer was fighting the Fire Lord. In the original series the villains voices just didn't seem evil enough and a bit more of a joke to me. However, with the villains in the new series I think they chose better voices especially the Fire Lord who seemed a lot better villain than Von Nebula did. I'm also a big fan of Dee Bradley Baker so hearing him voice the Fire Lord in this was a nice surprise for me. With the Hero's voices they are basically the same except because of the introduction of Nex and Evo their are some new ones in there. Nex was perfect and fit his character very well but I think they may have gone over the top a bit with Evo but I guess its good to get some variety in there and it fit his character quite well. The story of it was short but sweet. I would have preferred it if they made a two-part episode for this because at some points it did seem rushed unlike some of the earlier ones like Trials of Furno and Core Crisis. I hope they can improve on the mistakes I have pointed out if the make one for the new summer sets while keeping up the good parts like the voicing. I would rate the episode Ordeal of Fire as a 8/10 because of the reasons above. Please comment and follow,

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