Friday, 3 June 2011

2011 Villain Review: Drilldozer

I got my Brother Drilldozer the same time I got myself Nex 2.0 which I have already reviewed. Now its Drilldozer's turn and I must say that I did underestimate him. At first I thought that the colour scheme just didn't work well enough but now that I am seeing him in person he looks great. There is the con of the Fire Lord's head on the back but other than that its fine. Now to start of with is...

...the Build which is fairly similar to Nitroblast's. It goes double up on the drill arm and uses a new piece to connect. Same as Nitroblast, the build gets a full on 10/10

New pieces include the exclusive piece with printing on it. Each villain has one and Fire Lord has four but there is something different with Drilldozer and that is the size. Its the medium one like on Evo's yellow armour. Another new piece is the shoulder armour which goes over the body and attaches on with two clips to snap onto the ball joint on the skeletal body. The main new piece is one that has two ball joints and some pins to attach to place like the skeletal body and whatnot, its awesome and great for any Hero Factory or Bionicle MoC creator. Finally there's the head which, unfortunately, has the Fire Lords head on the back. however it still looks cool and holds a lot of character in it, it attaches by the older trans-clear head rather than the solid coloured new ones. The new pieces get a rating of 10/10

The Design surprised me as I thought the colour scheme didn't work at first but in person its really good the red is used a lot and is not just a random colour they stuck in there for the sake of it. From the back there's not enough silver to make the Fire Lords head fit in so it makes it look very out of place but not as much as Nitroblast's head on the back of Jetbug did because that was just horrible. The idea of him having with a shoulder mounted weapon is great and its an improvement over Corroder's as this on has more articulation which is great. Its because of this that design gets a 8/10

Playability, doesn't need anything to be said about it. Its the normal 7/10

Overall, Drilldozer is just plane awesome and better than what you expect. If you are a bit unsure whether or not to get him I say if you have the money to use then take a chance because I was unsure and I love him. If you like him then I recommend picking him up if you get the chance. Overall he misses full marks just because of the Fire Lords head, this leaves him with a rating of 9/10

That was my review of Drilldozer and now for my brothers bellow but before that I want to say that the next review will be on the last 2.0 Hero Breez followed by the awesome Fire Lord. Please comment and follow,
Drilldozer Opinion
Above is my review and thoughts on Drilldozer and because this is my Brothers set its his turn to say what he thinks about this villain. I gave it a 9/10 but its not about what I think, its about what he thinks now:

What I like is the new shoulder armour piece because it covers his back a bit unlike Jetbug and Nitroblast. I also like the drill because it has a cool colour and fits the character very well. The one thing I think is bad about him is that he went double up on the arms for extra support because I think this sticks out and is unnecessary. So overall I give Drilldozer a rating of 9/10 

That was my brothers opinion and as you can see we both gave the same overall rating so we say buy it but it is your choice if you want to or not and these reviews are here to help you know what your getting, plus I enjoy making them. Please comment and follow,

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