Sunday, 2 January 2011

Rotor Opinion

I just did a review of Rotor and gave him a overall rating of 9/10. This set belongs to my brother so he's going to give his opinion of this set. Here it is:

I like his blades because they make him look cooler and give him more personality. I also like the way the feet are designed. The part I don't like about him is that there isn't any gaps for the eyes. Overall, I'm giving him the same rating as my brother did, 9/10

That was my brothers opinion on Rotor. The first part of Mission 2.0 will be coming towards the end of January after my review of Bulk and Vapour. Please comment and Follow,


  1. cool, i got 20 pounds so i thought of getting rotor and breez from argos but i'm deciding to wait for the 2.0's so i can get fire lord and stormer 2.0.

  2. Cool. I've got £28 and I'm thinking of getting Nitroblast, Stormer 2.0 and one of the new Lego Star Wars Battle Packs.

  3. thats not a bad idea. I've actually decided to get evo and the fire lord because my 6 year old brother wants evo 2.0.

  4. Cool. Me and my brother get half of the collection each. I'm getting Jetbug, Nitroblast, Surge 2.0, Stormer 2.0, Nex 2.0 and my brothers getting the rest.