Monday, 3 January 2011

New HeroFactory Summer 2011!!!

Here's a list of the new HeroFactory sets that are coming out later in 2011. It appears to be placed on a jungle planet with mutations attacking the Hero's made by the main villain, the Witch Doctor. Not much is known about the story but it appears that Rocka 3.0 is released in a bigger form. I'm not sure if Rocka is mutated by the the Witch Doctor or is rebuilt for battle against the villains. Here are the sets:

2143     Rocka 3.0
2144     Nex 3.0
2145     Stormer 3.0
2182     Bulk 3.0
2183     Stringers 3.0
2191     Furno 3.0
2282     Rocka XL
2231     Waspix
2232     Raw-Jaw
2233     Fangz
2236     Scorpio
2283     Witch Doctor

My favourites Nex 3.0 from what I've seen of the preliminary pics. Also, please fell free to tell me which one is your favourite. As always, please comment and follow,


  1. I like the new designs lego are making for the hero factory sets but i don't think they should call them 3.0s, maybe mutant heroes might be a better name. Also my favourite is probably bulk but i don't if i'll be able to get him.

  2. I hope in 2012 their will be a new group of hero's, no more Stormer, Furno, etc.

  3. yeah i do too. I think they should do what they did with the toa nuvas. release them more than once and then bring them back after a few years of focusing on other hero factory teams.

  4. Well, I wish they would have more teams, but I know that they probably never will. They will probably have Stormer and Furno in every single one, and then switch off from different ones.