Saturday, 26 November 2011

Mission 30: Saviour of Quatros (3 of 3)

Saviour of Quatros
Veterans Preston Stormer, Will Furno, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer with rookies Julius Nex and Daniel Rocka
Confront the Witch Doctor and save Quatros from destruction.
Rocka's Log:

I admit that I've had better ideas but I'm a rookie so you gotta expect me to make a mistake every now and then. After the celling collapsed I began to dig my way out. As soon as I was free I was greeted by a familiar face.
"Rocka?" Stormer said while looking at me in shock.
"Yep." I said. "So how did you escape the Witch Doctor?"
"Forget that." Stormer said. "How did you get down here and why are you in the XL armour?"
"Hey?" I said quizzically. "How do you know that this is XL armour. The factory said that it was top secret."
"Top secret to any Hero except me." Stormer replied. "I was originally supposed to be upgraded into that armour if anything went dangerously wrong on Quatros. But since I was captured and you were the only one to escape, I it had to be you."
"You mean this armour wasn't meant for me?" I said with a feeling that my core had just lost a bit of glow.
"Hey don't beat yourself up kid." Stormer said. "Save that for the enemy their is a pack of 'em heading this way now."
I nodded. No matter how I felt, the mission was more important. I looked at Stormer and saw how tired he looked. He hadn't had a quaza charge in ages.
"Here." I said while giving him a quaza pack. "Take it, you need the charge."
"Thanks." He replied with a smile on his face. "Now lets take down the enemy."

After fighting through packs of Fangz we finally made it to a massive cave with a large structure in it. Around the sides were lots of skulls that made a frightening atmosphere and in the centre was Witch Doctor on a makeshift throne, barking orders at the beasts as they mined out the very heart of Quatros itself.
"This is it." Stormer said.
"Lets go!" I shouted as we jumped in and began battling the enemy. Many of the beasts tried to stop us but we defeated them one by one until I got to the Witch Doctor. Stormer kept the beasts back while I took down the Witch Doctor himself.
"So Rocka?" Witch Doctor said. "How do you like my little mining excavation."
"I would say that it looks pretty good if it weren't illegal." I replied coldly.
"You hero's were timid." He taunted. "You stopped mining on this planet for no good reason and now you will pay the price for your mistake."
"We had a reason." I replied with anger in my voice. "Mining would make the planet fall apart."
"And who cares about this planet." He said while loading his weapon. "No-one. All that is here is plants and dumb animals, everything is worthless except the quaza that fills this world."
I'd had enough and opened fire. Witch Doctor jumped away and then shot at me. I avoided that shot and grabbed him with my claw and threw him across the cave. I then jumped and tried to slam him down but he rolled away and used his staff to drain the quaza directly from my core. I began to feel weaker and weaker but with a final effort I shot the staff out of his hand and then pinned him down quickly. Stormer then grabbed the staff and snapped in two. The beasts became free and the quaza spikes impaled in them shattered.
"Looks like your reign over these beasts is over." Stormer taunted.
"NO!!!" Witch Doctor roared. "The quaza should be mine I retrieved it! It belongs to me!"
"Quaza belongs to no-one but the hero's Witch Doctor!" I said. "And don't you forget it!"
The planet shook again and I got a bad feeling that we hadn't saved Quatros just yet.
"Hey!" Shouted Nex as he ran in with Furno, Stringer and Bulk.
"Little late for the party you four." Stormer said.
"Hey don't blame us." Bulk said.
"Yeah." Stringer agreed. "We weren't the ones who shoot the roof down."
The planet shook yet again and more violently this time.
"Anyone got any ideas how we stop Quatros falling apart."
"Actually yes." I said.
I showed everyone inside the temple like structure that Witch Doctor had made his base and showed them a massive hole.
"Down there is the heart of Quatros." I announced.
"Looks a bit dim." Nex commented.
I took the remaining power packs that I had on me and began throwing them down the hole. "Everyone!" I said. "Fill the core up with enough quaza to stabilise it, this is the only way."
We all threw as much as we could into the core including most of the quaza that Witch Doctor dug out. Eventually it lit up brighter than a star going super nova and the earth quakes stopped and I knew that our mission here was finally complete.

We had got up to the ship and prepare to leave. The Witch Doctor was in cuffs and we were ready to go home. I looked back on Quatros and thought about all that had happened here. The planet had returned to its former glory and light filled the skies again.
"Hey Rocka!" Furno shouted. "Are you coming."
"Yep." I said as I ran for the ship wondering what adventures may lay ahead as I'm just one rookie and there's still a whole universe to explore out there...

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