Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mission 29: The Escape (2 of 3)

The Escape
Veterans Preston Stormer and Will Furno
Confront the Witch Doctor and save Quatros from destruction.
Stormer's Log:

Personally, I'd had enough of the Witch Doctors rants about revenge and how he as cast out and what not. When you've been around as long as I have you get used to the same old story from villains. They never learn.
Unfortunately, I had been captured and dragged all this way underground to see some illegal mining excavation of quaza. The bad thing was that Witch Doctor and his beasts were fairly close to the core of Quatros and the planet was already beginning to fall to pieces.
I was about to lose hope until I heard the Witch Doctor say that the other hero's were on their was down to help and were going to be here soon. Now being the damsel in distress is not my style so I think that its about time I make an escape attempt and meet up with the others to attack in the greatest numbers possible.
I found the opportunity when a massive tremor shook the cave and stalagmites started falling to the ground. The Fangz that guarded me lost balance and I jumped for it. It didn't take the beasts long to come down after me but luck struck me and rock struck them, they were buried under rouble and I kept running for the exit.
"STOP HIM!!!" Witch Doctor shouted. "DON'T LET HIM ESCAPE!!!"
A Waspix dived towards me and I ducked but kept my hands up. The beasts tail slashed through my cuffs and I was free.
I recovered my gun and took out the Waspix before it could come back for another strike. I then ran though one of the tunnels with a pack of Fangz in hot pursuit.
I tried contacting Furno but all I got was static and mixed up words.
"Furno can you here me?" I said.
"Alpha... need... under... can... out." Furno said over the communicator from what I could work out but their was to much static due to the mineral compound down here.
I could hear the Fangz behind me and decided to keep running. I didn't stop until I reached a dead end and I prepared to face the beasts. I thought that things were bad enough as they were but just the a giant claw ripped though the wall in front and I feared for the worst...

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