Friday, 30 September 2011

Mission 25: Escape from Quatros

Escape form Quatros
Veterans Preston Stormer, Will Furno, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk with rookies Julius Nex and Daniel Rocka
Search for the Stolen Hero Craft and stop the Witch Doctor.
Nex's Log:

I was relived when I found Rocka in one piece. He was built not to long after me and we quickly became friends. He looked up to me a bit as me, along with Evo, were the first Hero's to be built in the current generation of Hero's. However, he looked up to Furno much more and studied all of his missions and this is going to be the first time he's been apart of one.
I managed to give some of my energy over to him so that he could be above a critical level but what he really need is a full recharge back at the factory.
"How are you feeling." I asked.
"A lot better." Rocka replied. "So... what happened while I was gone?"
"Not much." I answered. "We took out a quaza mine and then split up to look for you. What we need to do now is find the Hero Craft."
"Then we'll have to split up." He said confidently.
"No way!" I abruptly replied. "You may be out of critical but you are still in danger. I need to stay with you just encase you drop to low again."
"Fine" He reluctantly said. "But we need to move extra fast."
"My thoughts exactly." I said with a smile.

After a period of time spent searching we ended up with no findings. I was afraid for Rocka more than anything because I can't share my energy with him for ever. Stormer then contacted me via a communications link.
"Nex" He said. "The Hero Crafts been found, move to my position and await my command to attack."
"Got it sir." I replied.
"The crafts been found?" Rocka asked.
"Yep" I replied. "Now lets get a move on, we  can't be late and miss all the action."

We arrived at dawn. I could see all the other Hero's and the craft. I could also see a pack of Fangz and some Scorpio's. Most importantly I could see the Witch Doctor roaming around while barking orders at the beasts.
"Everyone in position." Stormer checked.
We all nodded at him.
"Attack!" He ordered and we all emerged and began charging at the enemy.
I took down on of the Fangz by swiping through his quaza spikes. He then was separated from Witch Doctors control and free to live its on live again.
"Nex!" Bulk shouted. "Behind you."
I turned and saw a Scorpio attack me from behind. I was knocked down and rolled quickly, dodging the shot it fired. Bulk then jumped in and shattered its quaza spikes.
"Thanks." I said.
"No problem." He replied. "Now lets beat some more beasts."
I took down another Fangz and then saw that Stormer was taking on the Witch Doctor. I then realised that it was only me, Rocka and Stormer left. All the others had been knocked down by the vicious beast which were now after me and Rocka. A Scorpio shot and I pushed Rocka away just in time.
"Your situation is hopeless." Witch Doctor taunted to Stormer. "You should just give up now and save yourself."
"Sorry to disappoint you but we Hero's aren't built to give up." Stormer replied, he then looked at me and said: "Get to the ship and use the weapons systems to get rid of those beasts, we can't beat them any other way."
I nodded and then ran for the craft with Rocka. We then started up the ship and Rocka told me some bad news.
"Witch Doctor deactivated the weapons system." He said.
Stormer replied while still trading blows with the Witch Doctor. "Get out of here." He said. "Bring back up and get your cores recharged. We'll hold out as long as we can."
"But..." Rocka began.
"Thats an order!"  Stormer said and we knew there was no arguing.
We started to take off when Witch Doctor pushed Stormer aside and came for us. "You will not escape me!" He roared and fired a shot at us. The craft toppled and I fell off. Rocka quickly grasped my hand and held onto me with all his strength. However, I t wasn't enough and I fell.
"NEX!!!" Rocka yelled, but it was to late. I hit the ground with a thud and then everything went dark...

When I woke up I was in a small cave with Furno and Stringer. I tried to get up but Stringer stopped me.
"Take it easy." He said. "You took quite a knock to your head there."
"Tell me about it." I said as everything came back to me. "What happened to Rocka."
"As far a I know he escaped." Furno said.
"What about Stormer and Bulk?" I asked.
"We got separated." Furno said. "And know we have no communications, no guarantee that anyone's coming and no way of being able to save Quatros. I think this missions just taken a drastic turn for the worst..."