Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thoughts on Hero Factory 2012

As you probably know the new Hero Factory 2012 pictures are now going around everywhere so you can type it in on You Tube and find them. This post is what I think of them and the comments is for what you think. I do think that they have topped Savage Planet with the new break out theme and the Heroes and villains are varied in size now. The small sets are: Surge, Evo, Jawblade, Toxic Reapa and Thornraxx. The medium sets are: Furno, Breez, Rocka and Splitface. The large set is Black Phantom which all of you probably knew.

My favourite villain is probably Toxic Reapa because he just looks awesome and really has a Meltdown feel going for it but it just appears to have more of a tainted gold rather than the yellow which Meltdown featured. Evo is probably my favourite the new 2012 sets because of his awesome new helmet which resembles some of his original visor with the vents on the sides.

Now for Black Phantom who has got everyone reacting to but not necessarily in a good way and I must say he is one of my least favourite sets for 2012 based on what we've seen so far. He does have a lot of Fire Lord similarities but actually I think that Fire Lord looks like a master piece compared to Black Phantom. I think they should have followed the same path as they did with Rocka XL because LEGO seriously needs to improve this model before it goes on shelf's. I think that the thing putting me off is the red which is kind of unnecessary and a bit thrown at you, removing it would change my views a lot.

Overall, I love the new sets and look forward to seeing them on shelves with the new packaging rather than reusing the old canisters that they've had for a while now. I also like the Hero Cuffs which we are finally getting. So that was some general thoughts on what I think and now I leave it up to you to fill the comments with your thoughts and please follow the blog while your at it if you haven't already. Talk to you in the next post,

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  1. I think Toxic Reapa is my favorite too and my favorite hero probaly Surge