Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mission 23: Outnumbered (1 of 2)

Veterans Preston Stormer and Will Furno
Track down Rocka and regroup.
Stormer's Log:

Not long after we split up I realized how bad our situation really was. We had been attacked several times and each time they assaulted us in greater numbers. Soon we would be over powered. Despite this thought I'm still fighting on, maybe it was because a fellow heroes life was on the line, or maybe just my pride after all the other missions I went through. Either way I couldn't give up. Furno was still fighting by my side and what kept him going is something different. Furno is the rising star and all eyes are currently on him. After achieving the rank of veteran, Furno had been building up his stature mission by mission. It felt odd to think what would happen when he's been though as many missions as I have a how people would see me at that time, maybe I'd just sit through those little unimportant missions every once in a while, maybe I'll be too old and outdated to still be used as a hero at all, will people even remember my name?
My thoughts were interrupted by Stringer on the communicator. "Stringer to Stormer." He said. "We have a situation."
"This is Stormer." I replied. "What wrong Stringer, was the attack on the mine unsuccessful?"
"No, the mission went well. We returned to the ship to recharge but there is nothing here."
"What do you mean?"
"The ships been stolen."
Furno then butted in and said: "Bad news?"
I then replied saying: "Very."
"What should we do?" Stringer asked with some nerve in his voice.
"Help us search for Rocka." I replied after some thought. "His safety is our number one priority."
"Copy that, Stringer out."
I nodded towards Furno and we kept walking. Our situation had just got a lot worse, and I had a nagging felling that the Witch Doctor was been planning all of this.
Just then a shot narrowly missed my head and exploded a few feet behind me. I looked up and saw a Scorpio emerge. followed by another and another. Counting them all up it was two against eight. Not the odds I enjoy the most but seeing as we were surrounded all we could do was fight our hardest and hope that we would win out. I took some shots and managed to knock out one of them but seven were still at large.
Furno took off into the and while avoiding the shots. He took dive bomb attack and took down another one. He then took aim at one dangerously close to me and shot a wave of shots in his direction and the beast fell.
That left five and I was up a bit of hand-to-claw combat so I charged his fists met mine and it was now up to whoever has the most strength to take the other out. I hoped the power of the White Rhino would come in handy here cause is not I could just forget using my legs tomorrow. Thankfully, I managed to land a successful blow in the face, knocking him clean out. We were halfway there and I thought it was going to be be over any minute now until I looked up and saw that enemy reinforcements had arrived...   

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