Sunday, 7 August 2011

2011 Hero Review: Breez 2.0

This will be the last review of the 2.0 series and its of Breez 2.0 who my brother got when I got Raw-Jaw. After the review there will be my brothers opinion, as usual, but first I'm going to need to start off with...

... the build, which was really basic after all the others so it gets the same rating of 8/10

New pieces are all seen before in different colours. She does have some green armour pieces and her hero badge in gun-metal. She has two red spikes and a cool visor piece which doesn't look that female but it does have some reminiscence to the old Breez head. New pieces get another 8/10

The design is nice and has the same colour scheme as her original version and seems a lot less armoured making it seem like she doesn't want to much armour to slow her down and she also looks quite streamlined for slicing through the air. The design is great and gets marked down one just because of the hollow back, its a 9/10

Playability is all the same and gets an average 6/10

I think that Breez deserves a high overall rating because off all the reasons above. She is also one of the few 2.0 hero's that don't use the same weapon base which I really like. She looks really cool and I would give her an overall rating of 9/10

I hope you enjoyed to review and please look bellow to see my brothers opinion of Breez and all that's left to say is: please comment and follow,

Breez 2.0 Opinion
Above is my opinion of Breez 2.0 and that was a in-depth look but this is just a quick look to add another opinion. I gave Breez 2.0 a 9/10 so now lets see what my bother has to say:

I think that her visor piece is really cool and it fits well with her character. I also like her weapons because they look awesome and are different to the other hero's. I can't give anything bad about Breez and give her a overall rating of 9/10

That was my brothers opinion and I'm not going to be posting for a while so don't expect any posts in the next to weeks as I might not have Internet access were I'm going but if I do I'll post the next part of Mission on Savage Planet but until then, please comment and follow,

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