Wednesday, 31 August 2011

2011 Hero Review: Nex 3.0

I brought this set online for my brother and he let me review it today so that means he is going to share his opinion at the end. Now lets move onto the review...

The build was the same as all the other hero's and gets an 8/10

The new pieces are on the low side because a lot of the pieces were also in the first Nex. The main new piece is his helmet and its awesome, the eyes are sharp and small compared to other hero's in the wave. He also comes with grey low arm/leg parts which are in a lot of the new hero's. He also has a silver piece which is the base of the weapon and has the possibility of five clips attaching to it. The two blades on the arm are also included on Rocka and fells very flexible. I would give the new pieces a 8/10

The design is great and unlike a lot of other sets this year he comes with two hands and an arm-mounted weapon so that's cool and I wish they would do that with other sets. The colour scheme worked as well as it did before which was great. The design gets a 9/10 

The playability is good but needs another hero or villain to increase it. Its a 5/10

Overall, its a great set and goes well with the Savage Planet collection. I enjoy this set and I think it deserves a 10/10

Bellow is my brothers opinion on the set and I would suggest checking that out if you are still unsure about this set so you have two opinions rather than one. If you do not want to and your mind is made up, or even if you were merely reading this for the fun of it, then please comment and follow,

Nex 3.0 Opinion

Above is my review of Nex and I would suggest reading that before reading this. This is my brothers opinion of Nex 3.0 and I gave it an astonishing 10/10 and lets see bellow if my brother agrees...

I like his weapon because it fits his character of the sabre-toothed tiger. I also like the helmet because it looks a lot like a tiger. To be honest I cannot think of anything bad about him and rate him a 10/10

That was my brother opinion of Nex 3.0 and until the next review please comment and follow,

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