Friday, 18 March 2011

2011 Hero Review: Stormer 2.0

I promised I would post this review today (18th March) and here it is. I haven't been posting much so far this month but hopefully I'll have more things to post towards this end of the month. Anyway, enough about what to come, lets get onto the review...

The build was same old same old for the new Hero's but its still way better than the 2010 sets. I'll give the build a 8/10
Now for new pieces. The new pieces are quite common for these new sets however he does have these cool spears that have been seen in themes like LEGO Kingdoms but this time they are blue and made out of rubber. I'm not sure why but the flexible spears are great. There is also a new body part that only he and Nex 2.0 have, its a smaller version of the average skeletal body that's seen a lot in the 2011 sets. I'll pieces gets a 10/10

Now for the design. One thing that's really cool about him is that he uses extended leg pieces that are often seen in the villains of 2011 which makes him more taller and fits the fact that he is the leader. Other than that its same old same old. I'll give the design a 8/10

Playability is the same for all of the new 2011 hero's, 6/10

Overall Stormer 2.0 is awesome and if your not sure whether you want to collect the new 2011 sets or not then Stormer is an excellent one to try out and get a feel of what these new sets are all about. I am not sure if I like Stormer 2.0 or Surge 2.0 better but they are both awesome in there own ways. Overall, Stormer 2.0 gets a rating of 8/10

Next review will probably be of Breez 2.0 but I haven't got her yet so it will be a while until the next review. Please comment and follow,


  1. Cool! And I Was On Youtube And I Have A Acconnt So Sorry And Thats Why I Was Away

  2. Great to hear from you again. Do you mind telling what your YouTube account is.