Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mission 17: Safe Cracker (2 of 2)

Safe Cracker
Veterans Natalie Breez, Mark Surge and Preston Stormer
Defend Tanker Station 22.
Breez's Log:
"Not good." I said finally. Me and Surge had been staring at the vault for a while and didn't really know what to do.
"We're going to have to follow him, were Hero's now and this is our duty." Surge said proudly. "Its Like you said earlier, if we were rookies we wouldn't be here in the first place."
I was a bit shocked to hear Surge say that and I knew he was right. He isn't the annoying little rookie I didn't know before.
"Yeah, lets get moving." I said and with that, we descended into the vault...

The vault was underground and the catacombs stretched across about half of Tanker Station 22, in other words there's a lot of fuel down here. I heard footsteps in the distance and signalled Surge to stay behind me. I thought I had this one when I heard Surge fall to the ground behind me. I whirled round to see Nitroblast, he had us ambushed and now I was all alone against one of the most notorious villains in history.
"Greetings hero." He said in a low voice. "I think you've been looking for me."
"So it was you who broke in while me and Surge were fighting the Fire Lord."
"Well, who were you expecting, Jetbug? That insect would have kept all the oil for himself."
"And you wouldn't have." I shot back at him.
"Ah... you misunderstand me. I am totally loyal to my master. Those other two laugh at me, mock me, but no more as soon as this battles over I'm going to deal with those two personally." His voice was getting more brutal and I could tell he was going to strike soon. "In fact, I really should be thanking you hero's for getting Drilldozer out of my way."
"You'd betray your own team mates?"
"Betray? They are the traitors, they are going to attack the Fire Lord the second they are strong enough. I will move them earlier and save my master the effort."
I couldn't wait any longer I had to strike now. I charged at him and hit him with the end of my blade. He then activated his flame thrower and a bright light filled the vault. I only narrowly avoided the flames. He then shot a lava-sphere at me and a massive explosion weakened the structure of the roof above us. I threw a Hero-Charge at him and there was nowhere for him to run. The explosion made him fall to the flour, unconscious. The roof the exploded above me and I looked up to see Jetbug staring down at his ally.
"Nitroblast!" He screamed.
"Take a long look Jetbug!" I said. "Because your next!"

Me and Surge had climbed out of the vault but Jetbug had got away.
"Nice job Breez, you too Surge." Stormer congratulated.
"And now we know the true enemy's strength." I said.
"And we've weakened their arsenal." Surge finish.
I know it wasn't long know until the Fire Lord shows his face again, all we have to do is wait, 'cause I know were ready for him.


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