Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New HeroFactory 2011!!!

Here is a list of the Hero Factory Sets due to be released in 2011. They are quite cool and there is a new set of villains lead by the Fire Lord. Here are the sets:

2041     Surge 2.0
2063     Stormer 2.0
2065     Furno 2.0
2067     Evo 2.0
2068     Nex 2.0
2142     Breez 2.0
2192     Drilldozer
2193     Jetbug
2194     Nitroblast
2235     Fire Lord

It seems the new line of Hero Factory sets is going in a good story direction but the sets seem to be going a bit downhill but that's just my opinion. I have already got a story planned and it will consist of 8 missions about Alpha team and the rookies searching for a new threat and a deadly plan. Please share your thoughts,


  1. the new robots are't going to be very good with their new design they shouldve made some diffrent helmets and show more of the other Hero Factory soldiers.

  2. I agree. I wish they kept the old design and introduced more Heroes but at least we get Evo and Nex.

  3. yeah I'm definetly goin to get them as well as thunder and the other 2.0 heroes and villains.