Monday, 8 November 2010

2nd Hero Factory Comic!!!

Click here to see the second HeroFactory comic. Same as the first one, this is based of an episode in the HeroFactory TV series. The comic is called Core Crisis and it gets into the plot of the 2010 storyline. Also, the HeroFactory TV series was on TV last night and will be on for the next few Sundays at 8.00 AM on Nickelodeon. It will only be on in the USA but it may come into other country's in December. And if it doesn't it will still be available on DVD from the 16th of November. Please share your thoughts,


  1. awesome blog sorry I haveant been on blogger. There's some links for the series on war of brutality. Anyway I've seen some of them and I can say that they are quite repitive but still exciting.

  2. I agree. The series repeats itself quite a lot but its still great. I just posted a MoC on War Of Brutality.