Tuesday, 27 July 2010

2010 Vehicle Review: Drop Ship

I got the Drop Ship a few days ago and it is awesome! The pilot has a special hero-core and the same rookie armour as Mark Surge. I has a few stickers but they do add a lot of detail. Also this is going to be my last HeroFactory for a while but their will be more. Anyway, on with the review.

I have no complainants with the build. It is a interesting build and far from simple. I give the build a awesome 10/10

I cant say much about the new pieces. Its quite a big set so I haven't actually counted. I can say that their are quite a lot. Their are a lot of re-colours on it which is nice to see. I give the new pieces a 8/10

The playability is O.K but you need either a hero canister or a star canister for one of them. Its hard to explain the function but the main idea is to carry the canister. In the story I think their is supposed to be loads of these because they can only carry one canister each. It is fun to shot the Midak-Skyblaster (I don't know what it is called in the HeroFactorty story) at villains. I will give the playability a 8/10

Overall I think it is a great set. The only complaint I have is that their is only one blaster. Overall it deserves a 9/10

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